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Nice job Google

Today I received the following email from Google stating that someone had tried to log into my account and Google correctly noticed it was suspicious. Someone was trying to log into my account from a city I have never visited. … Continue reading

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Why I like Firefox Better Than Google Chrome

Being a web developer, I use all the common web browsers quite heavily. I have long been a Firefox fan for many reasons, however, Google Chrome has offered some steep competition. Chrome typically launches faster, renders pages faster, and freezes … Continue reading

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Viewing Google Cache Pages (cache: term)

There are many reasons why webmasters may want to see what version of their page Google is storing. It can indicate when the page was last crawled, errors in crawling, and can allow you to view content that has recently … Continue reading

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Fixing the google analytics popup window scrolling problem

The new version of Google Analytics has a nice feature which allows you to view a referring site in a popup window. However, in their infinite wisdom, Google decided that you shouldn’t be able to scroll the popup window (really … Continue reading

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Using PHP to Set Adwords Conversion Value

When creating conversion tracking code, Google Adwords lets you optionally set a value for you conversion. The setting is labeled Revenue for your conversion. Setting this value gives your conversions a dollar value, connecting them with your business’ bottom line. … Continue reading

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cache.google.com – Your source for YouTube

When monitoring network traffic, I’ve noticed that a big consumer of bandwidth is cache.google.com. That seemed strange to me because I guessed that cache.google.com would have something to do with viewing Google’s cache version of a website. For example, if … Continue reading

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