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o3ProtectedInput.js — JQuery Plugin to Protect Inputs

Today we are releasing a JQuery plugin we have written under an open source license (MIT). It is a small plugin that makes an input harder to edit. Although this may seem counter productive, it is acctually quite useful for … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 8 and event.preventDefault() Problem

I was trying to use event.preventDefault in a function called by an onclick method of an anchor tag. Although this worked fine in Firefox and chrome, naturally, I.E. would find it necessary to treat this differently. IE 8 sadly does … Continue reading

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Why I like Firefox Better Than Google Chrome

Being a web developer, I use all the common web browsers quite heavily. I have long been a Firefox fan for many reasons, however, Google Chrome has offered some steep competition. Chrome typically launches faster, renders pages faster, and freezes … Continue reading

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Firefox Mobile to get a Speed Up?

Having used Firefox on an android phone, I have been less than impressed. Although I love Firefox, the mobile version takes forever to load and leaves my phone laggy while running. Although I have kept it installed, I only use … Continue reading

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Fixing the google analytics popup window scrolling problem

The new version of Google Analytics has a nice feature which allows you to view a referring site in a popup window. However, in their infinite wisdom, Google decided that you shouldn’t be able to scroll the popup window (really … Continue reading

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Firefox adds www problem

Firefox for Windows has an annoying “feature” where it tacks on www to the beginning of websites. For example, if you type in ozonesolutions.com, it will turn it into www.ozonesolutions.com. Naturally, if you are trying to access local webservices, this … Continue reading

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HTML 5 and Required Inputs

Another promising (and partially implemented) feature of HTML 5 is required fields. Firefox 6 already lets you take advantage of this attribute. The required attribute forces users to fill out a field before allowing them to submit a form. If … Continue reading

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HTML and Limiting Character in a Textarea

By adding the attribute maxlength=”23″ you can limit the field to 23 characters. The browser won’t allow the user to enter anything longer than the number you specify. For those of you with recent versions of Firefox or Chrome, you … Continue reading

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