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BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04

I just tried installed BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04. Although it works pretty well, there was a pretty funny glitch. The GUI to configure blueproximity only showed up on the first launch. After that the window didn’t show up. It seemed … Continue reading

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Brasero Disk Burner Gets Stuck Creating Image Checksum

When I was trying to burn a new copy of the latest version of Ubuntu, Brasero was getting stuck on the “Creating Image Checksum”. My first thought was to disable the check-sum feature (which you can do via the edit … Continue reading

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javascript-common & mantis 404 problem on Ubuntu

Although my mantis install seemed to be working, I noticed that whenever I loaded the page, I recieved a number of 404 errors on the javascripts. ( 404 – /javascript/min/common.js). What really confused me is that the file was in … Continue reading

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Doctrine Wherein with Empty Array

Today I was working with some doctrine code and was running into a strange bug. I was running a query that should have returned no objects, but instead returned all objects from a table. It turns out it was due … Continue reading

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