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Jquery Validation Plugin with multiple forms

I love using the Jquery Validation plugin on my html forms. It makes frontend validation very easy and painless. However, today I noticed a strange problem, when I was pressing the submit button on a form, it was requiring fields … Continue reading

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AjaxForm and Validation Plugins for Jquery

Two of my favorite jQuery plugins are the AjaxForm and the Validation plugins. The AjaxForm plugin allows you to very easily convert a normal html form into an ajax form while the validation plugin offers easy javascript side validation of … Continue reading

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HTML 5 and Required Inputs

Another promising (and partially implemented) feature of HTML 5 is required fields. Firefox 6 already lets you take advantage of this attribute. The required attribute forces users to fill out a field before allowing them to submit a form. If … Continue reading

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Data Validation with Netsuite Backend

One of my greatest frustrations with Netsuite web services has been their data validation.  When I began programming with the Netsuite PHP Toolkit, I assumed that web services would accept the same data the front-end (web interface) did; however, often … Continue reading

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