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PGP Smart Card + SSH Login + GPG Agent + Ubuntu

I have setup a pgp smart to use with ssh on Ubuntu. Since some of the steps were less than intuitive, I have decided to write this guide. I will not cover how to create a key pair since there … Continue reading

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Error Installing CFEngine 3 on Ubuntu 12.04

I was trying to install CFEngine3 using the following commands: However, I got the following error: Failed to fetch http://cfengine.com/pub/apt/dists/precise/Release Unable to find expected entry ‘main/source/Sources’ in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file) E: Some index files failed … Continue reading

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BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04

I just tried installed BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04. Although it works pretty well, there was a pretty funny glitch. The GUI to configure blueproximity only showed up on the first launch. After that the window didn’t show up. It seemed … Continue reading

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Brasero Disk Burner Gets Stuck Creating Image Checksum

When I was trying to burn a new copy of the latest version of Ubuntu, Brasero was getting stuck on the “Creating Image Checksum”. My first thought was to disable the check-sum feature (which you can do via the edit … Continue reading

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Fixing the google analytics popup window scrolling problem

The new version of Google Analytics has a nice feature which allows you to view a referring site in a popup window. However, in their infinite wisdom, Google decided that you shouldn’t be able to scroll the popup window (really … Continue reading

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Firefox adds www problem

Firefox for Windows has an annoying “feature” where it tacks on www to the beginning of websites. For example, if you type in ozonesolutions.com, it will turn it into www.ozonesolutions.com. Naturally, if you are trying to access local webservices, this … Continue reading

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Doctrine Wherein with Empty Array

Today I was working with some doctrine code and was running into a strange bug. I was running a query that should have returned no objects, but instead returned all objects from a table. It turns out it was due … Continue reading

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