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Netsuite API Raw XML Request

Recently someone asked me if I could send them a copy of the XML that gets sent back and forth when you make a Netsuite API call. This could be useful if you want to implement the Netsuite API in … Continue reading

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Netsuite API Testing Script

Although I have posted many code samples on this site, I have rarely included a fully functional script. Often login information or execution code was not included since it wasn’t relevant to the particular post. However, here is a complete … Continue reading

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Netsuite Webservices and Saved Searches

Marianne Mason was kind enough to send me the following code example. It preforms a saved search and returns the results using the Netsuite PHPToolkit. If you are looking for a simple search or want to see the full discussion, … Continue reading


Understanding Netsuite Backend

This post is for people who are just beginning to use the PHPToolkit to interact with Netsuite. The following is a quick list of useful resources: 1. Netsuite Schema Browser: (link will change for newer versions of the wsdl) This … Continue reading

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Sample Search Code

The ability to run searches is a great feature of Netsuite Backend. Following is some sample search code. Keep in mind that Netsuite changes the structure of the returned object if their is only one result. (often, rather than returning … Continue reading