Error Installing CFEngine 3 on Ubuntu 12.04

I was trying to install CFEngine3 using the following commands:

apt-key add gpg.key
rm gpg.key
apt-get update
apt-get install cfengine-community

However, I got the following error:

Failed to fetch Unable to find expected entry ‘main/source/Sources’ in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Apparently this is an open bug. Thankfully, there is an easy work-around. Simply edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out the following line (by adding a “#”):

deb-src precise main

You can still install the binary packages without the src repository.

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2 Responses to Error Installing CFEngine 3 on Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Hi Daniel

    CFEngine does not (yet) provide debsrc packages and that bug in add-apt-repository causes it to complain.

    The instructions on CFEngines website no longer include add-apt-repository for that reason :)

    • daniel says:

      Good point. I was using the book CFEngine 3 which didn’t include that difference. On another note, I have been quite impressed by the software; it’s a pretty neat piece of code. Keep up the good work.

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