New Version of the PHP_ToolKit 2012.2

Netsuite has recently released a new version of their php toolkit (version 2012.2). It looks like they did a pretty big rewrite of a lot of the code. For those of you familiar with the old version of the toolkit, this is good news. I haven’t had a chance to look it over yet, but it looks to be promising. You can check out the office page here.

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5 Responses to New Version of the PHP_ToolKit 2012.2

  1. Neil says:

    yep it’s a rewrite. For one, nsComplexObject class no longer exists.

    For someone who was just starting to get comfortable with the old API, and has developed a bunch of code for it, and now has to learn a _new_ API, this really sucks.

    Talk about derailing an implementation… which is what would happen if we put the brakes on and started over. We decided to stick with the old API for now, which is going to end up costing us later. Unfortunately the pressure to get this project moved forward and done is too great to start a new R&D effort now. We were just starting to get productive :-/

    Oh well, hopefully the old API doesn’t get deprecated too fast.

    As soon as I finish up these data replication jobs and start the integration, I’ll use the new API.

  2. Neil says:

    *nsComplexObjectType that is.

    Sorry I’m a newb :-p

  3. Aurelijus says:

    Well, I can tell you that new PHP code is still terrible. No namespaces, global variables, code style without proper rules and consistency.

  4. We just tried to run our old code (built on 2011.2) on the new API (2012.2), and it failed. It’s not backward compatible.

    PHP Fatal error: Class ‘nsComplexObject’ not found

    The new API doesn’t have the classes required to run old code. We are keeping the code as is, and building new web service on new APIs. This means we’ll have to maintain TWO API toolkits.

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