Netsuite API Testing Script

Although I have posted many code samples on this site, I have rarely included a fully functional script. Often login information or execution code was not included since it wasn’t relevant to the particular post. However, here is a complete script that will fetch a record and then var dump it.

Although this may seem useless, its a very handy script. Before saving my own object to Netsuite, I often load one and var_dump it so that I can understand it’s structure.

Here is the code:

//Values you MUST change
$accountNumber = '1111111';
$roleNumber = '1';
$pass = 'yourNetsuitePassword';
$email = '';
$id = 111; //must be a valid internalId

//Values you may have to change
$recordType = 'nonInventoryResaleItem';//Change if you want

//execution code
global $myNSclient;
global $myDirectory;
$myNSclient = new nsClient(nsHost::live);
$ref = new nsRecordRef();
        'internalId' => $id,
        'type' => $recordType
$readResponse = $myNSclient->get($ref);

Assuming you set the values correctly, this script should be functional. You should see a large amount of output that will either be an error report from Netsuite or the object you requested (wrapped inside a read response object). Its worth noting that this script is designed to run on Linux, so the #!/usr/bin/php would not apply to users of other operating systems.

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  1. krishan says:


    How to use single sign on in my application using netsuite api

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