BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04

I just tried installed BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04. Although it works pretty well, there was a pretty funny glitch. The GUI to configure blueproximity only showed up on the first launch. After that the window didn’t show up. It seemed to be not running. However, a quick “ps -e | grep “blueproximity” revealed that it was in fact running. As it turns out, if the .blueproximity folder is present in your home drive, the program won’t run the configuration GUI. To fix this problem, simply remove the folder (rm -r ./blueproximity), but be aware that this will lose your current configuration.

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2 Responses to BlueProximity on Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Eduardo Luz says:

    You can actually fix this problem by adding ‘proximity’ to the whitelist of icons in the systray.

    Take a look at this page:

  2. Hi there,

    thanks for those line upon my software. I just wanted to tell you, that the problem you describe results of a new design of ubuntu’s gnome desktop.
    Only whitelisted applications are allowed to show icons in the notification area.

    See this post to fix it:


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