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Brasero Disk Burner Gets Stuck Creating Image Checksum

When I was trying to burn a new copy of the latest version of Ubuntu, Brasero was getting stuck on the “Creating Image Checksum”. My first thought was to disable the check-sum feature (which you can do via the edit … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 12.04 Released!

Woot! Today Ubuntu 12.04 will be available for download. I am quite excited about a number of new features, most significantly HUD (Heads Up Display). This is an innovative system for interacting with menus via the keyboard with search. Not … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 8 and event.preventDefault() Problem

I was trying to use event.preventDefault in a function called by an onclick method of an anchor tag. Although this worked fine in Firefox and chrome, naturally, I.E. would find it necessary to treat this differently. IE 8 sadly does … Continue reading

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javascript-common & mantis 404 problem on Ubuntu

Although my mantis install seemed to be working, I noticed that whenever I loaded the page, I recieved a number of 404 errors on the javascripts. ( 404 – /javascript/min/common.js). What really confused me is that the file was in … Continue reading

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Using and Installing Greasemonkey Scripts

As a programmer, I often have need to tweak or examine little bits of a page’s HTML. Although firebug is a great tool and incredibly flexible, sometime it just doesn’t quite fit the bill. When such cases arise, greasemonkey is … Continue reading

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