Netbeans PHPUnit Code Completion

By default, Netbeans dosen’t do code completion for PHPUnit classes even though it includes support for PHPUnit. Thankfully, adding in the code completion support is very easy. Simply go to Tools>Options>PHP>General and then click “Add Folder” under the Global Include Path section. Then navigate to where your PHPUnit install is located. (on my system, /usr/share/php/PHPUnit). By adding this folder, the PHPUnit classes will be included on all projects. Naturally, if you just wanted this to apply to a single project, you could do something similar by clicking on the project and choosing “properties”.

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  1. dogmatic69 says:

    Slightly off topic, but you should give Sublime a try. Its about 4 billion times faster and uses only a fraction of the memory netbeans uses.

    It has a number of plugins for php / phpunit / cakephp but I switched without using any of them because just being able to open any file of the project in ~ 2 seconds is awesome.

    Its a paid for app, but you can download / use for free to try it out.

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