Fixing the google analytics popup window scrolling problem

The new version of Google Analytics has a nice feature which allows you to view a referring site in a popup window. However, in their infinite wisdom, Google decided that you shouldn’t be able to scroll the popup window (really Google?). Since I didn’t really feel like waiting for Google to fix the problem (Have you ever tried reporting a bug to Google? They don’t make it easy.), I turned to Firefox’s impressive configuration options. To prevent sites from disabling scroll bars, do the following:

1. Type “about:config” into the url bar
about:config image
2. In the “Filter” bar, type dom.disable_window_open_feature
3. Choose the settings you want to disallow, in this case dom.disable_window_open_feature.scrollbars
Firefox Popup Settings
4. Double clicking on this line should change the value from false to true.
5. Close the window.

Thanks to Tom Lambert for pointing out the necessary config option.

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4 Responses to Fixing the google analytics popup window scrolling problem

  1. Tom Lambert says:

    Cool! Glad it helped someone and thanks for the heads up on the new Google Analytics popups issue (I don’t notice them for the obvious reason that I have my browers configured as above, but when someone complains, it’s easy to forget why I don’t see what they see).

    I wish GA still had a dashboard view that just gave a quick table with number of visitors and bounce rate. If you maintain multiple sites it’s such a quick and easy way to see if something has died.

    Oh well, “new” doesn’t always mean “improved”.

  2. darkan9el says:

    Just been surfing Mobile wireless deals and checking signal strengths, they all open in popup windows with no scrollbars, seems a bit daft considering every page had content longer than the popup windows vertical length, obviously we have little boys just out of school disabling things because er they just found it on page 200 of Dreamweaver Howto’s… d**** annoying it is too.

    This solved the problem eloquently so thank you for posting it.

    Peace and harmony have been restored to my Zen like Mac room – sigh!

  3. HikingMike says:

    Wow this was annoying. Thanks. Google should really fix that though. I think I’ll post in a forum to make my vote.

  4. Tony says:

    11 months later and Google still hasn’t fixed it on their Analytics Help pop up window. My word! But the fix works, thanks so much.

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