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Changing Symfony Routing Requirements

One of my favorite features of Symfony is the routing sub-system.  It allows for very flexible routing rules.  On a project I have been working on, I have been tweaking the routing requirements in Symfony.  One really nice feature is … Continue reading

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Mantis Bug Tracking Software Review

Lately I have been playing around with a few different bug tracking programs, on of which is Mantis. Bugzilla is the biggest player in the bug tracking arena, but Mantis has its own niche. Install After an hour of messing … Continue reading

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Firefox Mobile to get a Speed Up?

Having used Firefox on an android phone, I have been less than impressed. Although I love Firefox, the mobile version takes forever to load and leaves my phone laggy while running. Although I have kept it installed, I only use … Continue reading

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Retrieving and Displaying Netsuite Address Information

Adam Haeder requested to see some sample code for accessing address information via the Netsuite Webservices API. So here it is:

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Jquery Validation Plugin with multiple forms

I love using the Jquery Validation plugin on my html forms. It makes frontend validation very easy and painless. However, today I noticed a strange problem, when I was pressing the submit button on a form, it was requiring fields … Continue reading

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Javascript Associative Array Empty?

I was trying to form an associative array in javascript and made the mistake of trying to form it with the following code. When I dumped the variable I found it was empty. As to be expected, this is another … Continue reading

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Viewing Google Cache Pages (cache: term)

There are many reasons why webmasters may want to see what version of their page Google is storing. It can indicate when the page was last crawled, errors in crawling, and can allow you to view content that has recently … Continue reading

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PHP Output Buffering (with HTML)

Over the past year I have made heavy use of PHP output buffering. Although it serves no function purpose, it can make for much more readable code; I have found it particlarly useful for outputting HTML from methods. Consider the … Continue reading

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Fixing the google analytics popup window scrolling problem

The new version of Google Analytics has a nice feature which allows you to view a referring site in a popup window. However, in their infinite wisdom, Google decided that you shouldn’t be able to scroll the popup window (really … Continue reading

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