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Symfony including extra libraries or classes

I had a need lately to include an external library of php classes in a Symfony project. On option was dumping them into the lib folder, but I didn’t want to do that. At first I tried placing a script … Continue reading

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Linux test network connection

Lately I have begun to suspect on of my servers is losing its network connection under certain circumstances. Naturally I started with basic connectivity test such as ping: However, I also wanted to put it under a little strain so … Continue reading

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Doctrine Query Foreach Problem

The other day I was trying foreach loop through a Doctrine collection. I was getting confused, because my loop was never executing even though count() returned a positive value. It turns out that I had forgotten to run ->execute() on … Continue reading

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Netsuite Webservices and Multiple Item Sales Orders

By request, here is a post on creating a sales order record with Netsuite PHPToolkit with more than one item: Its not all that intuitive, but that’s Netsuite Web-services for you…

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Wordwrap in Netbeans

To enable the wordwrap functionality in Netbeans IDE.  Go to Tools >> Options and then click the Editor then Formatting tab.  On the “Line Wrap” drop down click “After Words.” Wordwrap is now enabled.

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