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Firefox adds www problem

Firefox for Windows has an annoying “feature” where it tacks on www to the beginning of websites. For example, if you type in, it will turn it into Naturally, if you are trying to access local webservices, this … Continue reading

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What is a Framework?

What is a Framework? Why should I use one? Which one should I choose? Often new programmers will ask such questions. Frameworks have become important enough in software development that ignoring them would be unwise, so in this post I … Continue reading

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Symfony Framework for PHP

Our Company has been in the process of evaluating the Symfony Framework for PHP. We have written several projects using the framework some small and some larger. In this post I intend to layout some of pluses and drawbacks of … Continue reading

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PHP Editor

As a programmer I have used many different PHP editors over the years. Some have been great experiences while others not so much. In this post I would like to highlight two that I think cover most tasks and needs: … Continue reading

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Clearing Symfony Cache for a Single Page

Symfony cache is a useful part of the Symfony Framework. It allows you to cache pages, partials, and other sections of pages so that the page is only generated when necessary. However, if you make heavy use of it, you … Continue reading

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Doctrine Wherein with Empty Array

Today I was working with some doctrine code and was running into a strange bug. I was running a query that should have returned no objects, but instead returned all objects from a table. It turns out it was due … Continue reading

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