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PHP Sessions: Can’t open directory error

When working on an Ubuntu webserver, I have noticed the following error appearing at the top of my pages every so often: Notice: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php5) failed: Permission denied (13) Apparently this a “bug” in Ubuntu: For the reasons … Continue reading

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Netsuite Webservices: Can’t give access to contacts

Although I am grateful Netsuite provides an api for their webservices, there are many frustrating feature gaps in it. When looking into setting the password and giving access to contacts via the PHPToolkit, I was depressed (though not surprised) to … Continue reading

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Netsuite Webservices and Saved Searches

Marianne Mason was kind enough to send me the following code example. It preforms a saved search and returns the results using the Netsuite PHPToolkit. If you are looking for a simple search or want to see the full discussion, … Continue reading

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Netsuite PHP Toolkit and Custom Fields

Figuring out how to set custom fields via Netsuite Webservices can be a bit difficult. Here is a quick example of how it can be done: (I am using an old version of the toolkit, but I believe the example … Continue reading

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HTML 5 and Required Inputs

Another promising (and partially implemented) feature of HTML 5 is required fields. Firefox 6 already lets you take advantage of this attribute. The required attribute forces users to fill out a field before allowing them to submit a form. If … Continue reading

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HTML and Limiting Character in a Textarea

By adding the attribute maxlength=”23″ you can limit the field to 23 characters. The browser won’t allow the user to enter anything longer than the number you specify. For those of you with recent versions of Firefox or Chrome, you … Continue reading

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Loading XML along with HTML for Your Javascripts to Use

If you have JavaScripts that rely on certain xml data in order to operate, you might be tempted to use the document body’s (or JQuery’s) onload event handler to perform an ajax request to get the xml immediately after the … Continue reading

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Using PHP to Set Adwords Conversion Value

When creating conversion tracking code, Google Adwords lets you optionally set a value for you conversion. The setting is labeled Revenue for your conversion. Setting this value gives your conversions a dollar value, connecting them with your business’ bottom line. … Continue reading

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Netsuite Data Validation Headache

Several times over the past year I have run into the same problem when using the PHPToolkit with Netsuite Web Services; Netsuite will store values that don’t match its data validation schema.  For example, there are several contacts stored in … Continue reading

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Symfony 1.4: Doctrine DQL Doesn’t Like Double Quotes

There are a number of problems that can cause this Doctrine error: One of them relates to using double quotes in a DQL statement. For example, the following will cause the aforementioned error: In that case Doctrine interprets myfile to … Continue reading

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