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jQuery plugin: o3EnlargeBox – display images or other content in-page

Version 1.1.1 requires: jQuery 1.4.x or later author: Donald Van Raalte copyright: 2011, Ozone Solutions, Inc. licensed under: MIT License released: September 27, 2011 (1.1.0 – September 12, 2011) Introduction This plugin allows you to display any DOM element on … Continue reading

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Symfony and Saving Serialized Objects

Doctrine has a nice feature that allows users to save objects to a database. However, when using the “object” type in symfony, I discovered an annoying quirk; when updating a record with a serialized object, symfony does not update the … Continue reading

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When monitoring network traffic, I’ve noticed that a big consumer of bandwidth is That seemed strange to me because I guessed that would have something to do with viewing Google’s cache version of a website. For example, if … Continue reading

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Symfony and Embedded Forms

Symfony has a nifty feature which allows you to embed one sfForm inside another. However, there is a bit of a quirk involving default values and embed forms. The following will not work if you are embedding a form: Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Symfony/Doctrine and Setters

Apparently when using Symfony 1.4 with Doctrine, you can’t simply override the setters the way most programmers are use to.  The following code example will cause infinite recursion if placed inside a class that extends sfDoctrineRecord: Instead you have to … Continue reading

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Remove / Stop Google’s In-Page Analytics

When using Google’s “In-Page” analytics feature for, I have found that it is hard to make it go away later. Each time I visit the website after using in-page analytics, the unwanted in-page analytics menus and tools appear. Worse … Continue reading

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jQuery .fadeIn + window.setInterval = A Bad Combination

jQuery’s .fadeIn and .fadeOut methods don’t fire when the window is out of focus. Instead, they wait until the user returns to the window / tab and then fire. This fact caused me a problem when I was working on … Continue reading

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