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I would like to commend Ozone Solutions for their quality workmanship and superior customer service. Ozone Solutions provided us with a well-designed ozone sparge system with plenty of room inside to move around and perform the operation and maintenance on the ozone system. You were extremely helpful during the engineering, planning, and building process...

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Pleated Depth Cartridges

Pleated Depth Cartridges

High Purity - PP

Pleated Polypropylene Cartridge

High Purity - FG

Pleated Microglass Cartridge

Economy - PEE

Economy Pleated Polyester Meltblown Cartridge

Economy - PP

Economy Pleated Polypropylene Cartridge

Economy - FG

Economy Pleated Microglass Cartridge

LiquidClear GF - Synthetic Pleated Cartridge

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Phone: (712) 439-6880
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