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PT-12: Porous PTFE Diffuser

Bendable porous design accommodates a wide variety of setups


  • Flexible
  • Non-stick surface prevents clogging
  • Outstanding ozone/chemical resistance
  • Durable

(See Full Specifications)

PT-12 $21.95
Lead Time: 2 days
PT-12 (12 inches of porous tubing - straight length)
PT-12-circle $27.95
Lead Time: 1 day
PT-12 (12 inches of porous tubing assembled into a 4 inch diameter circle with a 6" non-porous riser stem)
PT-12 raw tubing $9.95
Lead Time: 1 day
Inform us if you want this additional length (sold per foot) connected to the 12 inches of either product listed above. Otherwise, this product will be shipped loose.


This diffuser is ideal for dirty environments, due to it's non-stick PTFE construction. It will give you years of life with very little, if any, cleaning requirements. Customizable lengths are available.

What makes the PT-12 different?

The porous PTFE tubing complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.1550, which is a food grade certification.

For the full performance (PSI requirements versus Flow-Rate) view the "Performance" tab!


Available Lengths 0.25 to 20 ft
Connection Size 14 Inch Barb
Materials Kynar, FEP/PTFE flouropolymer
Max Flow Rate 32 LPM
Max Pore Size 3 microns
Max Pressure 100 PSI (7.03 Bar)
= 689,464.975179 Pa
= 689,464.975179 N/m2
= 100 PSI
= 7.030474 bar
= 203.598888 inHg
Max Temperature 212°F (100°C)
Standard Operating Pressure 15 to 100 PSI (1.05 to 7.03 Bar)
Warranty 1 Years
Dimensions Length: 13 in (33 cm) Diameter: 0.8 in (1.9 cm)
Weight 0.36 lbs (0.16 kg)
= 1.60136 N
= 0.36 lb
= 0.163293 kg
= 163.293253 g
= 163,293.2532 mg
= 5.76 oz



To help overcome the PSI requirement, to achieve the desired flow rate, you can either increase the length of the porous tube, or distribute into multiple PT-12's.
NOTE-The PSI will need to be more to compensate for the depth of the fluid which you operate this product in.

Last Updated: January 10, 2017

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