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I would like to commend Ozone Solutions for their quality workmanship and superior customer service. Ozone Solutions provided us with a well-designed ozone sparge system with plenty of room inside to move around and perform the operation and maintenance on the ozone system. You were extremely helpful during the engineering, planning, and building process...

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OG-50: 50 SCFH Oxygen Concentrator

OG-50 Produces 50 SCFH oxygen at up to 45 PSI of pressure



  • Produces 50 SCFH oxygen at up to 45 PSI
  • Industrial heavy-duty design and quality oxygen concentrator
  • Energy efficient oxygen concentrators require less compressed air for operation
  • High oxygen outlet pressure 45 PSI standard, up to 65 PSI outlet pressure available
  • Completely rebuild-able and easy to maintain design will offer many years of operation

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OG-50 $5,495.00
Lead Time: 2 weeks
OG-50 Oxygen Concentrator
add 220V/50Hz Power Option for $150.00


The OG-50 is a cost effective method of providing oxygen at pressures of 45 PSI and higher. Using the OG-50 oxygen concentrator with a high pressure ozone generator oxygen and ozone can be delivered to the point of use with no re-compression of the oxygen gas.

Industrial design uses steel zeolite towers and rebuildable solenoid valves for a easy to maintain system that will never wear out or become obsolete.

The OG-50 will require an air tank and an oxygen tank for proper operation. Contact Ozone Solutions for details on what may be best for your application.


Oxygen Flow Rate 23.6 LPM (50 SCFH)
= 0.000393 m3/s
= 0.833333 CFM
= 50 CFH
= 6.233766 GPM
= 23.597372 Lpm
= 23,597.372197 ml/min
Max Pressure 45 PSI (3.16 Bar)
= 310,259.238831 Pa
= 310,259.238831 N/m2
= 45 PSI
= 3.163713 bar
= 91.6195 inHg
Higher pressure systems available
Oxygen Connection 1/4-inch NPT
Integrated Compressor no 12 CFM @ 90 PSI required
Inlet/Outlet Connections 3/8-inch NPT
Warranty 1 Years
Dimensions 14 x 20 x 63 inches (35.6 x 50.8 x 160 cm) LxWxH
Weight 275 lbs (124.74 kg)
= 1,223.260944 N
= 275 lb
= 124.737902 kg
= 124,737.90175 g
= 124,737,901.75 mg
= 4,400.000015 oz


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