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I would like to commend Ozone Solutions for their quality workmanship and superior customer service. Ozone Solutions provided us with a well-designed ozone sparge system with plenty of room inside to move around and perform the operation and maintenance on the ozone system. You were extremely helpful during the engineering, planning, and building process...

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Ozone Generator Replacement Parts

Mica Plates and Mica Plate Assemblies to use with your ozone generators.

Mica Plates

Mica Plates

  • Contains single mica plates
Mica Plate Assemblies

Mica Plate Assemblies

  • Contains complete mica assemblies

Which should I pick?

If you are wanting to upgrade your ozone generator, or replace the old "worn out" inner components of your existing ozone generator, you are in the right place! Getting new mica assemblies is the direction that you probably want to go. If the inner corona panel or the stainless steel sandwich screen have any discoloration or are "rusty looking", that is a likely indicator that they are nearing the end of their life.

If you are wanting to have a few extra mica plates around as spares, that is a great idea too. It is typically the mica plates that wear out first and need to be replaced every year or two (depending on usage of course).

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