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OS-4: High Range Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor with Remote Sensor


  • Easy to install
  • Pre-calibrated, replaceable sensor chip
  • User-adjustable relays for ozone control
  • Consider: Wall-Mount. Range: 0 - 20 ppm. Display: LCD. Outputs: Analog, Digital, Relays.

(See Full Specifications)

OS-4X $755.00
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Buy Options:


add International Plug Adapter for $30.00 (More Info)
add DL-SC-3 Datalogger and Software for $250.00 (More Info)
add RAP-2 Strobe/Alarm for $500.00 (More Info)
add EE-2 Protective Sensor Enclosure for $250.00 (More Info)
add R-25 Control Relay for $225.00 (More Info)


The OS-4 ozone monitor has a range of 0.03-20.0 PPM and a remotely-mounted sensor that can be up to 100 meters (390 ft) away from the sensor base*. Relay contacts enable action at any user-defined set-point (up to 20 ppm), and a variety of outputs allow connection to data loggers, PLC's, or building-monitoring systems. Digital display of ozone level. Simple and inexpensive.

Monitor Quick Comparison:
Portable: No
Range: 0.03-20.00 ppm
Display: LCD
Alarm: No
Outputs: Yes
Datalogging: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

*Longer cable lengths possible, depending on cable quality, electrical interference and environment. E-mail for details.

Optional AccessoriesDescription
International Plug Adapter220V/50Hz Power Option necessary for overseas use.
DL-SC-3 Datalogger and SoftwareEcosensors data logging data cable bundle and ecosensors datalogging software for RS-232 transmitting SMX/SM-EC sensors.
RAP-2 Strobe/Alarm The RAP-2 Remote Alarm Panel is for alarming when signals from ozone monitors or an ozone sensor reaches a preset limit or set-point.
EE-2 Protective EnclosureAdd Protection to your ozone sensor with the dust and water proof enclosure.
R-25 Control Relay R-25 Relay provides the heavy duty relay necessary for ozone generator or alarm control when using an Eco-Sensors ozone sensor.


Range 0.03 - 20 ppm (30 - 20000 ppb)
Accuracy 10 to 15%
Resolution 0.01 ppm (10 ppb)
Display Units ppm
Response Time 1 minute
Detection Method HMOS
Display Digital and LED indicator
Alarm Visual Panel LED
Internal Datalogging no
Analog Outputs
0 - 2 VDC, 4 - 20 mA,
Communication Protocol RS-232
Temperature Range 32 to 104°F (0.0 to 40°C)
Humidity Range 0 to 80%

Native Power

8 - 24 VDC 0.3 A

Included Option

120 VAC 60 Hz Adapter

Available Option

220 VAC 50 Hz Adapter
Dimensions 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches (12.7 x 6.4 x 3.8 cm)
Weight 0.44 lbs (0.2 kg)
= 1.946097 N
= 0.4375 lb
= 0.198447 kg
= 198.446661 g
= 198,446.661194 mg
= 7 oz
Supporting Documents User Manual and NIST Traceable Calibration Sheet included
Warranty 1 Years
Multi-Gas Capable no
Relays 2

How It Works

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