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About Ozone Solutions

Ozone Solutions is a leading supplier of Turnkey Ozone Systems for the ground water remediation, bottled water, and food processing industries. We also carry hundreds of products specifically suited for ozone applications. We have a growing line of rental products that enable you to try before you buy. We work hard to be your one source for all ozone related products.

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Our History

For over 16 years, we have increased our knowledge of ozone applications which makes us well suited to understand the complexity of integrating ozone into your process. Implementing ozone can be very problematic, as you have probably heard, or experienced first hand. Our years of experience has resulted in significant innovations to our equipment that ensure long-term reliability. We supply a range of products from an ozone compatible check valve to large ozone injection trailers for groundwater treatment.

Our Vision:

Educate the world to become the most trusted source for ozone information.  Provide ozone solutions that set the standard for quality, reliability, and ease of use.

We put a large emphasis on educating everyone about the use of ozone.  We feel the main reason ozone is not used in more applications and more locations is lack of knowledge and education.  Ozone Solutions aims to change that.  We maintain this Journal, an Ozone Forum, on our website we maintain an Ozone Research Section, a section on Ozone Applications, and a large database of Ozone Information.  All these resources are free to any user.  If there is anything you would like to know about Ozone that we did not answer, feel free to contact our technical staff we would be happy to help.

We also provide ozone equipment that is easy to use and reliable.  We know that many of our customers are using ozone for the first time.  The equipment they use should be simple to put into use and reliable.  We will provide Turn-Key Systems, or all the parts necessary with proper instructions for assembly of an ozone system that will meet the needs on-site.

Our Mission

To amaze our customers with the exciting world of ozone and the solutions we provide.

Our Location

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Ozone Solutions, Inc.
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