Responding to Heartbleed

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On April 7, 2014 a very serious bug in openssl called Heartbleed was announced.  This bug affects the security of nearly half a million websites world-wide.  In response to this security flaw, we upgraded our web server to prevent malicious activity (it was updated the morning of April 8).  As a further precaution, we have issued and installed new certificates for  Thankfully, we have been using perfect forward security since November 22, 2013 which limits the data attackers can utilize.

It is impossible for us (or anyone else) to know if any data was stolen before the patch was applied.  As such,  we strongly recommend changing your passwords on our site and any other affected sites (which there are thousands of).  The use of perfect forward security prevents this attack from affecting previous data, but we still think changing your password is prudent. Becomes Mobile Friendly

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ozone-phoneYesterday we released an update to our main website making it much easier to use on mobile devices.  As the screen size gets smaller, our website will restructure the content automatically to fit the viewing area.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a watered down version of our site; you will still be able to access the full* content of our website on your mobile device, it will just look better.



*Ok, so I hid a few elements, but 99% of the content is there :-)

Updated Website Navigation

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Today we are updating our main website’s navigation.  We have implemented a new drop down menu which should make it easier to find the products or information that you need.  We think that the new menu is less overwhelming and more useful at the same time.  We have also added icons which should help distinguish our different product lines.  Feel free to head over to our site and check it out!

Free Shipping in February

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This month we are introducing some new changes to our shipping pricing:

  • Ozone Solutions is offering free ground shipping on orders over $50 for the month of February (US & Canada only).  Head over to our main website and check it out!  We are hoping to make the free shipping offer permanent, but for now you can count on it for the month of February.
  • Fedex Shipping is cheaper.  Since we are doing more volume than we used to, all of our Fedex shipping prices have gone down.  Our fastest methods have even decreased by as much as 40%!
  • As always, we offer reduced overnight shipping costs for 7-day rentals for customers who need their rentals quickly.