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Ozone Air Treatment and Odor Control Generators (10/24/16) Jolene and Jeremy McDermott bought a vacant home that was built in 2006. Upon the decision of purchasing the home, they noticed there was an unpleasant smell remaining after they had repainted and installed new flooring. After some research about how to remove odor from a home, they came across some websites that claimed ozone would help. They had never used an ozone product before and were hesitate; yet, thought, “why not.” They were in need of a solution to remove the odor as fast as possible. They decided to purchase through Ozone Solutions Inc., because of their informative website, customer service, and the 7-day guarantee rental. All those factors sealed the deal. They decided to go with the DR-10 based on the recommendation of Mark Van Voorst.
“Mark- just to let you know, this ozone generator worked like MAGIC! There’s really not much documentation on removing odors from a former marijuana grow house, so we weren’t convinced this is going to help. But it did the trick- we only needed to run it for three days, we let the house air out for the fourth day and there was no need to start the device back up. Odor is GONE. We are beyond thrilled.
Thanks so much for your advice, I passed this information (the success story as well as your company info) along to our realtor in case the “grow house” issue comes up with another client – and this is Colorado, so it very likely could! This was a safe, painless, and inexpensive way to fix the odor issue – plus the ordering, delivery, instructions, and return were all extremely easy and convenient.”

Thank you!!
Jeremy and Jolene McDermott
Castle Rock, Colorado

DR-10: High Output Shock Treatment Ozone Generator

DR-10: High Output Shock Treatment Ozone Generator

Ozone saves the day – Skunk Drama!

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Sometimes at Ozone Solutions we get people thanking us, or telling us their story.  Some time ago we received the story below from a customer.  It is a great read by someone who is a great writer.  If your looking for a good laugh today, grab yourself a cup of coffee and read below…


Hi Dave!

I am the one that had the skunk under the house! I bet you are wondering how that is going? Well…let me fill you in…

We got the machine last Friday afternoon and planned on leaving for the weekend to let it run for a few days.  The smell was HORRENDOUS! I seriously did not know how we were ever going to get that smell out.  But I trusted your advice, and we ran the machine.

We returned home on Sunday evening (once the machine had quit running for several hours) to assess the situation. UNBELIEVABLE! It smelled a little musty mixed with a bleachy or chlorine smell, but it definitely wasn’t skunk! Of course there were areas in the house that still had a hint of nastiness but we hadn’t been there to move the machine around so I wasn’t really worried about it.  At this point, there was hope that my house would soon be livable again.

Keep in mind that the day we received the machine, before we left for the weekend, we searched under the house for a good while in order to see if the skunk was still there.  Now everything is 20/20 in hindsight so telling this story makes me feel a little idiotic! But we searched for the skunk pre-dusk (not thinking about the nocturnal factor) and determined that he was no longer under the house and we could close up the area in which he entered.  We left for the weekend and returned to our better smelling home Sunday evening.

We decided to stay at the house Sunday night and would set the machine to run each day while we were out but cut off in time for us to return and live for the evening.  I put my daughter down for the night and my husband was finishing up some emails at the computer.  I decided to jump in the shower and get ready for some much needed rest.  After all, this had been an exhausting adventure thus far! That’s when it happened.  I smelled that familiar odor that is equivalent to someone shoving the strongest onion available right up your nostrils and into your brain cavity! I just couldn’t believe it.  I could hear my husband running through the house so I rinsed the soap out of my eyes, grabbed my furry pink bathrobe and slid my boots on.  I’m sure my fashion statement was a sight to see.  I got to the living room and could not breathe!  I was sure I was suffocating when my husband flew past me and out the front door with a gun. I would like to think I can hold it together in situations like this, but I proved myself to be an out of control crazy person. I may have been yelling “Run for your lives” as I grabbed my 16 month old and darted for fresh air. (If I wasn’t screaming it, I was thinking it!)

You guessed it! We had closed that damn skunk up under the house days before and he was pissed and spraying like a maniac! I found my husband outside holding his breath as the green stink cloud was pouring out from under the house.  He was trying to unscrew and open up the siding on the house where we knew the skunk had entered.  It happened so fast! Siding off, husband running, skunk darts out and halls butt down the driveway! He was out, but I was back to square one with the smell (twice as bad now) and almost in tears at the thought of this whole mess. The husband closed up the house again.

It was late, we were tired, so we loaded up and headed to the in-laws for the night.  We started over with the ozone machine, running it for a couple of days and returned to the house again. The smell was still lingering but again, I was hopeful. 


Tired of reading? READ ON! :o)


Tuesday night, we settled back in, planning on running the machine like before (during the day).  We are usually done with our evening routine and in bed by 9:30, asleep by 10:00 for sure.  For whatever reason, we were still up talking in bed at 11:30.  The TV was off and all lights were off, but we were reading up on Whitney Houston’s untimely death (via I phone) when I heard something.  I don’t know what I heard exactly, but I knew it wasn’t me and it wasn’t my hubby so naturally I was freaked a little! My husband convinced me that it was the house creaking or adjusting when the heat kicked on. (He later confessed that he heard it too but was too lazy to investigate!) Thirty minutes later there was scratching at our bedroom door! Literally scratching like a dog trying to get in or out. Then all hell broke loose!

We could hear claws running around our hard wood floor, all around the bed.  It would be on my husband’s side, then on my side, then at the foot of the bed.  Whatever was in our room was on crack for sure! Funny how my husband was curious to investigate now!!

I froze stiff.  I was so scared! I’m blind as a bat without my glasses on, and I could not muster up the courage to reach for them on my nightstand.  After all, this beast could be of magnificent size and could remove my arm with one bite! My husband stood up on the bed and pulled the chain on the light. I looked over the edge of the bed and went complete sailor mouth! With a few choice words and in a not so calm manner, I explained that it was a skunk! YES a skunk! In our bedroom! I rolled back to the middle of the bed and was going to discuss a plan with my husband when I realized that I had been abandoned.  He was no longer in the room.  When he heard “skunk” he took one giant leap from the bed to the door and ran! I could hear him in the kitchen, hollering at me, “Danielle! Come on! Get out of there!” Oh sure! He escapes before this nocturnal skunk realizes he is in a well lit bedroom, probably blinded, and starts to do figure eights around the floor, and he is now telling me to make a jump for it??? I had a better plan; I hid under the covers like a 5 year old.  That’s right; I pulled the covers over my head, held my breath, and closed my eyes. I was ready for the spray!

When it got quiet and I realized he wasn’t in the bedroom anymore I retrieved my glasses and tried to see what was going on in the living room.  I had limited visibility through the bedroom door but I could see the skunk calmly walking around the coffee table and entertainment center.  I had no idea where my husband had gone.  I didn’t know if he was going to walk back through the living area thinking the skunk still had me held hostage in the bedroom so I whispered loudly, “Babe! He’s in there!” I get the response, “Shhhh! I know!”. So I look further into the room and I see my Big Strong Man standing on the couch.  He was literally on his tip toes! Picture the elephant that stands on a stool because there is a mouse near him! That’s what I was witnessing. I can’t blame him though.  What was he suppose to do? The goal was to get the skunk out without spraying. Not an easy task.

 My husband finally worked up enough courage to get off the couch and open the front door.  He headed back to the bedroom to retrieve his gun.  In the meantime, I put on my robe and was back in my boots. (This seems to be the war attire against skunks these days). We were scared that he would return to the bedroom so we closed the bedroom door behind us.  (Again, hindsight is so clear after the fact). It dawned on us that if the door was closed, we had lost sight of him, and he could end up anywhere! We peeked our heads back in the living area and there was no sight of him.  I couldn’t imagine that he just walked out the front door, that would be too easy, but I guess it was possible.  Now the question was how the heck did he get in the house? We tip toed around like Elmer Fud with a spot light and a gun (what were we planning on doing with that gun in the house???) We discovered that one of the floor vents was popped off (they weren’t screwed down, they are now!) Clearly he came through the vent and right into our bedroom.

For reasons unknown, this skunk did not spray! The following day we had guys crawl every square inch of the crawl space under the house looking for anything they could find! Damage to the air ducts, baby skunks, big skunks, anything! My husband even had a guy come out with a camera and fed it through the air ducts to see if the skunk had nested in there. Nothing! We now have traps set (I know, I know…would have been a good idea a week ago!) and haven’t seen any evidence that the skunk is still in or under the house but at this rate, nothing would surprise me!

I’m sure our saga isn’t over yet, but I hope we are close to fixing the situation!

I wanted to send you my story so that you could have a good laugh, but to also thank you for your help! I couldn’t get anyone to help me here in Texas and you came through for me from Iowa! I will be keeping the machine a few more days just in case, but your help in greatly appreciated! I don’t know if we have it under control completely, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. (Could be a train??)



Ozone saves Christmas! $16,000 worth of toys sprayed by a skunk!

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As reported in Purcell, Oklahoma on Dec.14, a skunk tried to steal Christmas from the children.  After getting into a storage shed, the skunk sprayed more than $16,000 worth of toys which might mean no Christmas presents for more than 800 underprivileged children.  Is there any hope for saving the Christmas presents? With efforts to rid the presents of this horrible smell, workers attempted to spray them with Febreze with no success.

“When I walked in the fire department, some guys came in and said ‘You better come and look at this.’ And I walked out the door and we were knocked down with the smell of skunk,” said Peggy Christian, an Operation Christmas volunteer. “We found a few pieces that we’ve been able to salvage, but a lot of it we don’t think we have a chance for.”

Then the real contender steps forward.  Currently Ozone is being used to treat these Christmas presents and at the end of the day will find that the smell is completely gone. This Christmas will still be a Christmas with plenty of presents and there will still be 800 smiling faces in the city of Purcell, Oklahoma.

News 9 Coverage (Video)

The “Make-You-A-Little-Smarter” Information for Today:

Did you know that after a thunderstorm when you get that nice fresh clean smell, what you are smelling is Ozone?  This is nature’s way of cleaning the air and making things fresh and clean!

With any type of odor, ozone can be used to bring back that fresh clean smell whether it is smoke, cooking odors, pet odor, urine, skunk, mold & mildew, or just a stale home smell.  Ozone can be used in your house, business or even in your car.  Ozone Solutions, Inc. / Rental Units