Low Temperature Coating and Lamination by Ozone

Posted by Cade Kats on February 10, 2016 under Pulp & Paper | Be the First to Comment

During the coating and lamination, the practice is melting a resin like PE, LDPE, PET and making a hot film. Then the hot film is coated in a material such as paper, paperboard, foil or even a plastic film. After that, the coating composite passes through some rolls to be compresses.

High temperature for extrusion (around 600 degrees F) not only needs energy but it may cause odor and taste problems for the products contained in the packaging. In this case low temperature extrusion has been investigated by the coating companies.

Ozone as a strong low temperature oxidizer is the answer for this demand. The Ozone process provides enhanced adhesive bonding on plastics, metals and inorganic materials and is also excellent for improving coating process technology. Ozone will work at room temperature and will oxidize the outer surface of the plastics. Consequently the plastic sticks to the paper or foil and then goes for compression in the rolls. The following figures depicts this application.

Proper ozone integration in this process and considering safety issues for the people who work in these facilities is very important. Ozone Solutions, by having experts in the field, is capable of integrating and safe operation of these coating systems.

Flexo Printing Author: Reza Zahedi