Ozone has a major impact on Groundwater Remediation

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Perhaps one of the most noteworthy products we offer at Ozone Solutions, Inc is our RMT remediation systems. Ozone, which occurs quite readily in nature, turns out to be the second most powerful sterilant in the world. To date, there has not been a single bacterium, virus, mold or cyst discovered that can withstand the power of ozone. Therefore, ozone has become an imperative solution for pilot testing, farmers, and many environmental companies. Our systems inject ozone into the soil to destroy MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) hydrocarbon contaminants, diesel fuel, TCE, pesticides, chlorinated solvents, VOC’s, and aliphatic & polyaromatic hydrocarbons. The advantages of ozone is that is more soluble than oxygen in water, moves easily through the soil, is produced on-site, and has no need for hazardous chemical transportation or storage. On top of it all, it is the most powerful oxidizer available. Ozone has the ability to break down complex organics into carbon dioxide or less toxic molecules. Lastly, one of the most important characteristics to ozone is that it decomposes into oxygen, which increases DO levels. Our custom-made RMT-trailer series is a complete packaged turn-key remediation trailer that was built specifically for the ground water remediation industry. AECOM, a very well-known global engineered company, uses ozone technology in their environmental services to help industrial clients around the world solve some of the most complex challenges. For example, AECOM implements this practice by utilizing our RMT remediation system to treat ground water by breaking down impurities such as hydrocarbons, MTBE and VOC’s in the water.

  • Dimensions are dependent on system requirements
    • 20 g/hr to 5000 g/hr with a minimum of 1 and an unlimited number of outputs
    • Turn-key trailer is ready for operation upon delivery
    • 50 PSI Sparge Pressure up to 90 PSI breakthrough pressure
    • Trailers are steel frame construction for complete security
    • Well Manifold timing performed with a touch screen interface
    • Integrated telemetry package for remote monitoring or operation via internet connections.







The HP-500

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For this week’s Wednesday Weekly Product to Watch, we will be taking a look at the bench top model ozone machine called the HP-500.

This product has been recently added to our small ozone machines line up, and we have received a number of good responses from our customers about its welcomed functionality and performance!

Since this model features a digital logic control, it provides you with an incremental timer complete with an “On” or “Timer Bypass” setting. The logic also enables you to adjust the ozone output from 100% down to 40%. The machine has both input and output ports.

The machine features both an inlet and an outlet connection port. The included “Air Drier” can be connected to the inlet port, using the provided flexible tubing. This air dryer not only removes moisture from the air, making the generator suitable for operating in humid environment, but also raises its ozone output. But that is not all!

The machine also comes complete with a built in air pump (2-3 PSI @ a flow rate of 1-2 LPM).
This built in motive force allows you to use this machine for many applications because of its “All built into one” approach!

Since it comes with a built in air pump, it would not be complete without a bubbler diffuser stone. In fact, we provide you two of them in case you want to use each diffuser for different purposes or applications!


Washing foods with ozonated water, Aquarium or Koi ponds, and removing odors from an air space containing a cat litter box, etc.

This model presents a very good value, (I did list most of its built-in capabilities) and is very easy on your pocket book at around $150!

For more complete information or to purchase it, please go to the product link below;


Dry Feed Gas for Ozone Generation

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For the next few weeks on our Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch we will be discussing different types of Feed Gas that can be used for ozone generation.  This week we will be talking about Dry Air.  Ozone Solutions sells Air Dryers to provide dry air, or air which has moisture removed so the dew point is -60 degrees C or lower.   The importance of dry feed gas for Ozone Generation is that moisture (dew point) lowers the ozone output. Proper air preparation is critical to all corona discharge ozone generation (see the chart below), as it is directly related to the ozone output.Corona Discharge Ozone Generation

Left axis shows the relative output of the ozone generator.  (e.g. At -10 deg C dew-point, an ozone generator will be producing 60% of its maximum {rated} output.)

The V-10 and V-20 Air Dryers provide a consistent ozone output that can then be feed into an Ozone Generator for prime ozone production.  Air Dryers also reduce the corona cell maintenance as all dust is removed prior to the air entering your Ozone Generator.

Picture below is an example of how we have pumped a V-10 Air Dryer to an Ozone Generator.Dry Air Blog Pic 2

Check back next week to find out about Concentrated Oxygen as a Feed Gas on our Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch!

TG-600: More Ozone for Your Operation

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On this week’s Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch we will be talking about our TG-600 Ozone Generator.  This is a newer product that Ozone Solutions recently added to our TG-Series line up and that is capable of producing 600 grams/hour of Ozone from 120 LPM of oxygen at 5.8% by weight. At only 60 LPM of oxygen flow the TG-600 will produce 390 grams/hour of Ozone.

Industrial Ozone Generator

Industrial Ozone Generator

The TG-600 is an efficient water cooled Ozone Generator that contains an integrated oxygen flow meter and pressure gauge and has a low oxygen demand for ozone output.  We have even included a small touch screen on this unit for easy control and system trouble shooting.   The TG-600 is a compact unit that comes in a 26 (wide) x 16 (deep) x 42 (tall) Stainless Steel enclosure, and can be mounted on the wall using integrated mounting tabs or sit on a table top, as rubber feet are provided on the unit.

We are excited to add the TG-600 to the Industrial Ozone Generators that we offer as a larger unit that is able to provide more ozone production to meet our customer’s needs.  If you need help finding the right Ozone Generator for your application, contact our Sales Team today!

Check back each Wednesday and watch for the product that we feature.

Stainless Steel Fittings

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SC-BHUOn last week’s Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch we talked about the variety of kynar fittings that Ozone Solutions offers on our website, and so this week we will be reviewing the stainless steel fittings that we display on our website.

All of our stainless steel fittings are made from 316L grade steel and are guaranteed to not leak. The great thing about the stainless steel fittings is that they are ozone compatible and can withstand high amounts of pressure and won’t crack or wear over time. Stainless Steel fittings are ideal for environments with vibration (as they are the absolute top-of-the-line option to withstand harsh environments) and stopping ozone leaks. The stainless steel fittings that we carry and display on our website all meet ASTM A240, ASME AS-240, and ASTM B883-97 specifications.

SC-BTM 2_scaledOur line of stainless steel compression fittings come in a variety of styles to meet your fitting requirements: Adapter FNPT, Adapter MNPT, Adapter Tee, Elbow FNPT, Elbow MNPT, Elbow Compression, Branch Tee, and Union Compression. Check out our website to find the fitting you need.

Don’t forget to check back for our Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch to learn more about the ozone equipment that Ozone Solutions offers!

All The Ozone Fittings You Need

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For this week’s Wednesdays | Weekly Product to Watch we will be checking out the variety of ozone compatible fittings that Ozone Solutions offers on our website.

Need to connect your tubing to your Ozone Generator, or need a smaller size connection? We have all the fittings you might need. Ozone Solutions offers both kynar fittings and stainless steel fittings. What are the benefits of each you might ask? This week we will look at the benefits of the kynar fittings. (Come back next week to learn about the benefits of the stainless steel fittings.)

Kynar fittings are made from Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF material. Kynar fittings can operate in pressure up to 220 PSI, and can be used in temperatures ranging from -80 to 226 degree Fahrenheit. One of the benefits of kynar is it meets ANSI/NSF Standard 51, which means it’s certified for use in the food and beverage industries. Ozone Solutions offers many types of compression, barb, and pipe connection fittings in a variety of styles: adapter, elbow, tee, and union, just to name a few! 98% of the kynar fittings that we show on our website are in stock for immediate shipment!

Visit our website today to learn more about the variety of ozone related products that Ozone Solutions offers or to find the fitting that you need.

Ozone Monitor Accessories

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On last week’s Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch we looked at the UV-106 Ozone Analyzers for Ozone Measurement. This week we will be showing some of the additional accessories that can be purchased with these units and the benefits of each item.

CUV-1 Case

CUV-1 is a carrying case for the UV-106 Series. This case is waterproof, air-tight, and the thick foam ensures the equipment is protected when stored. The inside has precut sections to hold all of the parts needed to operate the unit.


Keeping your UV-106 analyzer clean and free of debris is very important as dirt might affect your ozone level readings. The FHS Inlet Filter is the recommended in-line solution to prevent internal contamination and remove any particle matter before it enters the UV-106 unit.

FPK-10’s are replacement membranes for the FHS. These PTFE particle filters are 47-mm and have a 5-6 micron pore size and come in a pack of 10 replacement filters.

B3 Battery can be used to make the UV-106 units portable and enables you to take the unit wherever you need to go.b3-battery

If you have any questions on our UV-106 Ozone Analyzers or the optional accessories, please contact our Monitor Department.

High Flow Ozone Destruct Unit

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Ozone has many wonderful uses and applications, but it can also be a nuisance or a danger under certain circumstances.  For this reason, we offer ozone destruct units to remove ozone.  For this week’s Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch we are taking a look at one of our destruct units.  The NT-70 excels at removing ozone from rooms or chambers.   This ozone destruct unit is designed to work with ambient air, and is very simple to operate; just plug it in and turn it on.  Whether you need to remove ozone after a shock treatment, or remove ozone to preform micro-array testing, the NT-70 may be just what you need.

NT-70 Ozone Destruct UnitThe NT-70 processes ambient air at a rate of 70 CFM and can run continuously.  Since it’s lightweight, it is easy to move from room to room (or chamber to chamber).  This makes the NT-70 perfect for using with an ozone shock treatment; after shock treating a room (or hotel room) with ozone, you can use the NT-70 to quickly bring the levels of ozone back down to safe levels.

We also offer many other ozone destruction units.  No matter what your needs are, chances are we have a destruct unit to fit the bill.  Take a look at our full line of ozone destruction products!  If you are interested in learning more about removing ozone, or need help deciding which destruct unit to use, check out our page on ozone removal.





Using an Ozone Monitor to Control Ozone Levels

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If you have the need to control ambient ozone levels, Ozone Solutions provides several options that helps you achieve ozone generator safety. An ozone monitor with integrated relay outputs would be needed to achieve this. Sometimes these monitors are also referred to as ozone controllers or ozone switches. The majority of the ozone monitors we provide, include relay outputs.


Relay Outputs inside of the ES-600.


Ozone monitors with relay outputs could be used to turn off/on an ozone generator, a fan, audible/visual alarms, or even an ozone destruct unit when the monitor reaches a specific concentration. Some of the monitors we provide strictly engage relays at the .1 PPM OSHA safety limit, and others allow you to engage the relays at any point within the sensors operating range. Since the integrated relays are rather small, we recommend using these relays to engage larger relays with a higher current rating. Ozone Solutions also provides products that are easily connected to an ozone monitor to switch on and off a 120 Volt outlet.

If you are interested in using a relay output to monitor your levels of ozone, check out our information page Controlling Ozone Levels.

Listed below are just some of the ozone monitors we offer that would work for this application.

Enclosure Mounted Ozone Systems

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Last week in our Wednesday | Weekly Product to Watch, I said that this week we would be looking at our WSE-Series.  The WSE-Series are enclosure mounted Ozone Systems. The entire Turn-key Ozone System is installed inside a stainless steel or painted enclosure.   The WSE Ozone Injection Systems are great for harsh or wash-down environments as the enclosures are weather tight and have a top mounted air conditioner to control the temperature in the enclosure.

Turn-key Ozone Injection System in Enclosure

150 gram/hour WSE Ozone System

Ozone Solutions’ WSE Enclosure Mounted Ozone Systems can produce between 10-200 grams/hour of ozone and are designed to quickly integrate into your existing water line.  System safety and controls are installed for automated ozone production and injection for a complete Turn-key System. We offer optional add-on components to our Enclosure Mounted Ozone Systems so that they can be customized to fit your specific application.

The WSE Ozone Injection Systems are commonly used in the following applications:

Remember to check back for our Wednesdays | Weekly Product to Watch to learn more about the ozone equipment that Ozone Solutions offers!