Replacement parts available on our website

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We now have a section on our website for Replacement Parts of ozone equipment.  This is a great place to purchase parts for your ozone equipment.

ozone generator parts














For all our parts and products we offer online ordering.  Also remember, we offer online ordering with purchase order on Net-30 terms for those with an active account.  This ensures our online ordering process is quick and easy for our returning customers.

If you need the manual for your ozone equipment, we may have that also, click here.

Used Ozone Equipment available on the Ozone Classifieds

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We just added a few great products to our Ozone Classifieds.  There are always great deals to be found here, but we wanted to specifically point out a few recently added great deals for you.  See below to view the used ozone equipment available on the Ozone Classifieds.

Ozonia CFL-5 Ozone Generator

This generator can produce 5,000 g/hr of ozone from oxygen, or 2,450 g/hr of ozone from dry air.  Priced at only $78,500 this ozone generator is a great value.

265 lb/day ozone generator


PSA Air Dryer capable of 115 CFM of dry air

This Gardner Denver PSA air dryer could be used to provide dry air for the CFL-5 Ozonia ozone generator.  using this air dryer could provide up to $2,450 g/hr of ozone from dry air.  This is the air dryer that was used with the CFL-5, so it would be a great fit.  This could be a great deal on a large ozone system for your application!

used Pressure swing absorption air dyrer


We also have a large AirTek Air dryer available  link HERE

We have also just added three oxygen concentrators to our classifieds.

Air Sep, AS-D Oxygen Concentrator can provide 90 SCFH oxygen

OGSI, OG-50 Oxygen Concentrator can provide 50 SCFH oxygen

Air Sep, AS-A Oxygen Concentrator can provide 25 SCFH Oxygen

The Oxygen Concentrators we have all have rebuilt valves and good zeolite molecular sieve material.  These industrial oxygen concentrator have great longevity if well taken care of.

No Picture Available


Ozonia CFS-2G-3 Ozone Generator

The CFS-2G-3 is the updated version of the CFS-3A ozone generator.  This generator uses 3 cells placed vertically inside the ozone cabinet.  The CFS is a water cooled ozone generator that can produce ozone at up to 10% by weight.  This could be a great ozone generator to use with the AS-D, or OG-50 oxygen concentrators.

No Picture Available

We also have an older CFS-3A Ozone Generator avaialble

Stainless Steel Ozone Injection System

We have an older off-brand stainless steel injection system available for sale at a great price.  We have no use for this system at this time, but it could make a great system for someone, or a great starting point.  This system has a stainless tank, stainless enclosure, and stainless skid.  Those major components alone are worth the $2,500 price.  However, this system also produced ozone and dissolved ozone in water.  See image below:

stainless steel ozone system


For more used equipment you can view our full Classifieds HERE

We also allow our customers to place their used ozone equipment on our classified section.  This service is available at no cost to any users.

How do bubble diffusers work to dissolve ozone into water?

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Ozone Transfer via Bubble Diffusion

This article is intended to answer, how do bubble diffusers work to dissolve ozone into water? Ozone is a gas, therefore proper gas/liquid contact mechanisms are critical to efficient system design. Bubble diffusers are a popular, inexpensive method to inject ozone into water. The ozone gas transfer area occurs immediately at the interface between the ozone bubble surface and the surrounding water.

Bubble Diffusion:

Diffusers permit ozone gas to pass through a porous membrane thus creating many small ozone bubbles in the water, similar to a fish tank air stone. As the ozone bubble rises, the gas at the bubbles edge will transfer into the water. Using a diffuser requires enough pressure to overcome the height of the water and any restrictions in the diffusers due to hole size.


  • Low Cost
  • Easy to setup
  • Low energy – does not require a water pump


  • Inefficient – ranges from 10-25% (dependent on water height)
  • High water columns/vessels are typically required
  • Difficult to use in pressurized water flows
  • Diffuser pores can become plugged requring cleaning

- The diameter of a gas bubble has a dramatic impact on
surface area as shown below!
- Be picky when it comes to selecting a bubble diffuser. It can mean the difference between success and failure.
- The transfer of ozone gas into water is directly related to its surface area (total bubble surface area).
- It is critical to prevent the water from back-flowing through the bubble diffuser and going into the ozone generator. The best method of prevention is to use multiple check valves (for redundancy) and a water trap .

4.8 square ft. Dia. = 14.8 in. 1 bubble

185 square ft. Dia. = 10 mm. 54,000 bubbles

1,800 square ft. Dia. = 1 mm. 54,000,000 bubbles

Conclusion: Additional smaller bubbles give you more mass transfer!

Sources: (“Supplementary Swimming Pool Treatment” by – MK2_PTL_OZONE_Rev-20110527.pd.)

Click to learn more about ozone transfer via bubble diffusion.

Watch some great videos showing in real time how bubble diffusers work to dissolve ozone into water.

Ozone systems available for rent

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Ozone solutions rents ozone equipment for a variety of applications.  We offer a wide variety of ozone systems available for rent.  Our largest systems are very popular and we normally keep a waiting list of customer.  At this time we do have a WIS-300 ozone injection system that is available for rent.  This is a 300 g/hr ozone generation system that also dissolves that ozone gas into water.

300 g/hr ozone injection system

WIS-300 Ozone Injection System

For more information about renting this system see link HERE

We also offer larger and smaller ozone systems for rental and purchase.  At this time we are working on refurbishing a large 5,000 g/hr ozone generator for rent, and a few oxygen concentrators.  We usually have small ozone systems available for rent on-hand, however our larger systems, like this WIS-300 are usually not available on short notice.

We also have an RMT-200 remediation trailer that will be available in the next few months.  This system is used for in-situ groundwater remediation.  This rental trailer will produce 200 g/hr of ozone and provide that ozone with sparge air through up to 30 well outputs.

Ozone groundwater remediation

RMT-200 Ozone trailer for rent

For information on either of these rental systems contact us today

Click here to view our entire line of ozone products for rent

O3 Spray Bottle

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The new O3 Spray Bottle is now for sales on Ozone Solutions website!

Ozone Spray Bottle that produces ozone on demand to sanitize and disinfect

Ozone Spray Bottle that produces ozone on demand to sanitize and disinfect

Producing dissolved ozone on demand is exactly what this new unit does in a compact, easy to use spray bottle.  Simply add clean water to the reservoir, spray the surface that needs to be sanitized, wait the required amount of time, and wipe or let the air dry.  This unit runs on batteries and produces ozone with a tiny electrolytic cell.  Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and is often used in place of chlorine to sanitize and disinfect, and is environmentally friendly, as it reverts back to water and oxygen.  See the chart below for the Microbial Efficacy Testing that was done by the manufacturer, Franke Foodservices, to know the time required to reduce different types of bacteria.

Testing chart for the O3 Sprayer

Testing chart for the O3 Sprayer

Ozone Solutions is excited to offer this new product!  For more information on the O3 Spray Bottle, please check out Ozone Solutions website.

Innovation in Electrolytic Ozone

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Ozone can be produced using Corona Discharge, UV light, and Electrolytically.  While rare, electrolytic ozone production continues to be researched and come closer to reality.

Franke Foodservice has recently come up with a few novel products that bring electrolytic ozone to reality and practical implementation.  Check out the intro videos below to learn about these products.

Electrolytic ozone in a bottle

EcO3Spray Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Soon Ozone Solutions will be offering the EcO3Spray Bottle for sale to the consumer. Keep watching this journal or our website for more details!

B12 Ozone Transmitter

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B12 Ozone Transmitter- $625


Ozone is now offering a B12 Ozone Transmitter. The B12 is a ozone transmitter that is 4-20 loop powered and is easily connected to existing control systems.

Used Ozone Analyzers for Sale

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Ozone Solutions recently posted several new listings to our Ozone Analyzer section of our Ozone Classifieds.  We now have over 15 used analyzers listed for sale.  If you are looking for accurate ozone measurements at a low cost this is the place for you!

Below is a sample of the great deals on used ozone analyzers we currently have for sale on the Ozone Classifieds at this time:

API 450-Range: 0-1ppm- $5,500

API 450-Range: 0-1ppm- $5,500

EcoTech EC9811- $4,500

EcoTech EC9811- $4,500

API 450H-Range: 0-15%WW- $3,500

API 450H-Range: 0-15%WW- $3,500

API 400-Range 0-500ppb-$3,500

API 400-Range 0-500ppb-$3,500

API 465L-Range: 0-1ppm- $6,000

API 465L-Range: 0-1ppm- $6,000



49c Thermo Environmental Instruments-$4,500

49c Thermo Environmental Instruments-$4,500


View our full list of  used ozone analyzers for sale on our ozone classifieds.

All of our used ozone analyzers have been checked over, repaired as necessary and are shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.  If you have a need Ozone Solutions does offer in-house ozone analyzer calibration, and a full service analyzer repair shop.

Contact us today for all your ozone detection needs.



Simultaneous pH and Dissolved Ozone Monitoring

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Add-On pH Sensor for Q45H Dissolved Ozone Meter

pH Sensor (top) is an add-on feature for the Q45H Dissolved Ozone Meter

Ozone Solutions now offers a pH sensor as an add-on feature for the Q-45H Dissolved Ozone Meter. This pH sensor can be mounted on the top of the Q-45H flowcell.

New Video – How do I dilute my dissolved ozone sample?

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Occasionally our customers will need to measure levels of ozone greater than 3 ppm with their K-7404 Dissolved Ozone Test Kit.  To do so, the sample can be diluted, allowing up to 6 ppm of indication.

The video and instructions here, in combination with the standard kit instructions, will allow you to do this in the most effective way possible.

1) Add 5 drops of A-7400 Activator Solution to the sample cup.
2) Add 12.5 mL of distilled water to the sample cup.
3) Add enough sample to the cup to bring the volume to the 25 mL mark
4) Snap the ampoule in the cup, and continue with the standard instructions.
Find the result indicated by your comparator and multiply that value by 2.
The number you get is your dissolved ozone concentration.

For further details about the K-7404 dissolved ozone test kit, or our other dissolved ozone monitors, please visit the links below!