Efficient Banking Systems Using Ozone

Posted by Kaleb Jensen on August 1, 2014 under HVAC | Read the First Comment

Dealing with many customers daily, banks are high risk for microbial infection.  Also, with the amount of people passing through the bank, the air can begin to smell foul.  These problems can be solved with the installation of an ozone generator, which be directly integrated with an existing air system.

Ozone destroys odors, creating fresh air for everyone.  Because ozone reverts to oxygen, it will stimulate everyone in the building, and reduce feelings of tiredness.  This means that ozone will indirectly increases efficiency within the bank.

After installing a system for a bank in Hull, IA, Ozone Solutions inquired as to the effects the generator was having.  In response the bank told us that customers often say, “It’s very fresh in here,” and that the employees are, “always happy!”  Below is a picture of the system that was installed in the bank.

H:\Employee Files\Reza_zahedi\blog\bank pics\WP_20140728_004.jpg