Teat Washing Using Ozone

Posted by Kaleb Jensen on October 22, 2014 under Dairy | Read the First Comment

wdexpo2015The World Dairy Expo had a tremendous amount of vendors, equipment, and valuable information.  Some of the equipment I want to focus on are the teat wash products. Many of the large dairies have an anti-microbial sprayer, which is running a variety of anti-microbial sprays. The person milking usually sprays just the teat, and gives them a good wipe down before applying the milker. If the spray is applied too high on the udder, the milker will possibly suck some of the spray and “crud” as gravity flows down.

The new product is a brush that has an anti-microbial hose connected to it. The brush totally surrounds the teat, cleaning it like an automatic car wash. The brush is electrically safe, because it uses a 24-volt current. If a dairy is ozonating its incoming water to remove iron/manganese, it could use a small part of this water without any additional cost. We have an OSW-10 injection skid that could be easily matched up with an OZ-4AD ozone generator if you are not currently using ozone for any process. Ozone is a very good anti-microbial wash, so coupling with a brush like this could eliminate chemicals and save a lot of money.

If interested and need more information, please contact Ozone Solutions for more details.