Ozone Chamber – Coming soon!

Posted by Brialle Veldman on May 4, 2017 under Conferences/News | 2 Comments to Read

We are pleased to announce that we are adding an ozone chamber to our product line. This glass container has a top that is sealed to destruct the off-gassed ozone utilizing a destruct unit. This neat product can be used for many applications from residential home use to small scale lab applications. This ozone chamber pairs very nicely with our HP-Series ozone generator.

Below I will list specifications to the unit:

  • Material-glass
  • Volume-1.7 L
  • Weight- 600 g
  • Contains: Tank, filter, air stone, PVC hose

Common Applications

  • Treating fruits and vegetables
  • Small lab testing
  • Drinking aqueous ozone



  • Karla Nunn said,

    I would be interested in selling your ozone chambers when they come out. I would to partner with you on this. Please call me at your convenience.


  • Philip Galletta said,

    Retired Certified respiratory therapist see a future in this product. 954-295-1756

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