Improved OZV-8 ozone generator

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Important Changes to OZV-8 ozone generator

One of our most popular wall mounted ozone generators is our OZV-8.This unit will produce 10 g/hr from 4 lpm of oxygen at 0.8% by weight. When it produces produces ozone from dry air, the unit will produce 4 g/hr from 7 LPM of air flow at 0.65% by weight. The adaptable ozone generator will produce ozone from either dry air source or oxygen feed gas.  Also, it operates under a -5PSI vacuum to 5 PSI of pressure.

Here are treatment applications and uses:

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  • Small drinking water applications
  • Olive oil
  • Washing vegetables & fruits
  • Self-contained remediation systems
  • Air systems for small commercial buildings
  • Laundry
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Surface sanitation

Since the origination of the OZV-8 ozone generator, for the most part, has not altered its design. However, in 2014, the transformer was reassessed to an improved transformer and inverter board. To add, an upgraded 10-position switch and flow switch. To continue, in 2017, more improved changes occurred with this product.

  • Updated driver board made it versatile between 120 or 220 VAC power without alteration. Additionally, there is no increased cost with that change.
  • The 10-position switch has changed to a button style that is easy to replace
  • The on/off switch is now a simple one-touch button
  • The lights on user interface are now LED technology
  • Cooling fans have changed from AC fans to DC operated fans, they are smaller and offer more airflow and more coverage of the corona cell for improved cooling.

In conclusion, the OZV-4 is a better resourceful ozone generator that customers will continue to enjoy.

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