BBB Accreditation for Ozone Solutions, Inc

Posted by Brialle Veldman on April 18, 2017 under Conferences/News | Be the First to Comment

Recently, Ozone Solutions has become BBB accredited. Becoming accredited, we take pride in this achievement for many reasons:




  • BBB Accredited Business Pages-Consumers contact BBB to find trustworthy businesses. BBB provides these consumers with industry-specific lists of BB Accredited Businesses. With more than 95% of BBB services being available via the Internet, this benefit steers consumers to BBB Accredited Businesses.

  • BBB Accreditation Seal-BBB Accredited Businesses are part of an elite group. Businesses displaying BBB Accreditation Seals show their customers they are committed to fairness and honesty. Dynamic seals for website link to your BBB Business Review.

  • BBB Business Reviews- Prospective customers contact BBB 24 hours a day online or by phone to research a company’s reliability, whether they are accredited, how long they have been in business, as well as basic business and customer relations information. BBB Business Reviews also include a letter grade rating.
  • Advertising Guidelines and Advertising Review-BBB Code of Advertising provides guidelines to businesses to promote ethics in advertising. BBB encourages accuracy and truth in advertising, which builds consumer confidence. BBB reviews local advertisements for truth and accuracy.

  • BBB Charity Information Service- Charity reports assist businesses, employees and other donors in making wise giving decisions. BBB connects BBB Accredited Businesses to BBB Accredited Charities through its online Accredited Charity Guide, helping businesses find trustworthy charities for donations, volunteer opportunities or ways to get involved.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution-BBB provides mediation and arbitration services with unbiased, dedicated professionals. This program saves Accredited Businesses court costs, time and money in settling consumer disputes they are unable to resolve themselves.

  • Request A Quote-BBB provides this service at no additional charge to BBB Accredited Businesses and their potential customers. Consumers may request bids, estimates or additional information from BBB Accredited Businesses via email

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