Applying Gaseous Ozone to Oils

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To get started, when choosing to decide what ozone machinery to pick from, it is best to decide what your budget is for ozone equipment and associated supplies. We have gathered reports from customers who have informed us that 40 grams an hour of ozone seems to be the most that you can effectively work with; this relates to the absorption rate into an oil. Therefore, purchasing a higher output ozone generator will speed up the turnaround time of creating ozonated products. Our TS-Series contains an integrated oxygen concentrator and air compressor which comes ready to use upon arrival.  It is possible to divide the output into 2 or 3 separate ozone streams. With this option, it alleviates the problem of having many smaller machines.

There are safety precautions to take with this application. Higher temperatures of the oil will help the absorption rate of the ozone gas. The type of oil that you are using will determine which temperatures is best, but you will need to conduct your own testing using your equipment since it can also make a difference. Please understand that oils when treated with gaseous ozone will make the temperature of the oil rise. For most oils, do not allow the oil to rise above 160 F. Otherwise, explosions could happen which leads the refined oxygen to add fuel to fire. Hence, when the oil heats up, it needs to be cooled off. If it is not cooled off, it could cause a fire. Keep in mind that you should have some sort of ventilation or destruct unit for the off-gas of ozone to comply with OSHA regulations.

There are a selection of oils that can be processed. Some of the different oils with an expected treatment time using a 40 g/hr ozone generator with an oxygen feed-gas along with a special beaker

  1. Olive oil; 2 gallons (256 oz.) in 8-12 days.
  2. Jojoba oil; 2 gallons in 6-8 days.

There are many variables that affect the duration of treatment time;

  1. The type of oil
  2. The temperature of the oil
  3. The consistency you want the oil to become
  4. What feed-gas you choose- oxygen, dry air, or ambient air.
    1. Oxygen provides quicker turn around as the concentration of ozone gas can be much higher.
  5. The concentration of the ozone gas coming out of the ozone generator
  6. The vessel in which you process the oil

With all the variables listed above working effectively, you can process 5 gallons in 4-8 days. Again, I state that from what I’ve heard from customers.

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