IOA World Congress 2013 – Day 2 Technical Sessions

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The IOA Conference continued into day 2 with a full day of technical sessions.  These focused on the following topics:

  • Ozone Treatment of Pharmaceuticals
  • Ozone Operations
  • Wastewater/Industrials uses
  • Symposium in honor of Dr. John Bolten
  • Methods in drinking water
  • UV reactor testing and modeling
  • Ozone in wastewater treatment
  • Biological treatment applications
  • Ozone for food and ultrapure water applications
  • UV and Ozone system design and operation
  • Emerging contaminates treatment

Monday 24 September 2012

Session 13 – Ozone Treatment of Pharmaceuticals

An AOP Pilot Study for Upgrading Design Under Real World Conditions

Jenny Wang1, Achim Ried1, Arne Wieland1, Yaning Zhang1, and
Min Hui Chen1; Rongjing Xie2, Wui Seng Ang2, Ankur Duarah2,
Lifeng Zhang2, and Mong Hoo Lim2
1Xylem Water Solutions Herford GmbH; 2PUB, Singapore’s National
Water Agency

Transformation of Pharmaceuticals in Onsite Wastewater Discharge Using Advanced Oxidation Techniques

Lisa Kraemer1, Sebastian Sauve2, Brent Wootton1, Thomas Bain3
1Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, Fleming College;
2Department of Chemistry, University of Montreal; 3Great Lakes
Clean Water

Transformation Products of Besafibrate and Carbamazepine Through Ozonation of Water

Leila Tootchi1, Shahram Tabe1,2, Rajesh Seth1, Paul Yang3
1Civil and Evironmental Engineering Department, University of
Windsor; 2Standards Development Branch, Ontario Ministry of the
Environment; 3Laboratory Services, Ontario Ministry of the

Reaction Kinetics of Ozone with Pharmaceutical Procucts in the Great Lakes Basin and their Potential Removal from Wastewater Effluents

Merih Uslu1,2, Rajesh Seth1, Saad Jasmin1,2, Nihar Biswas1,
Shahram Tabe3
1University of Windsor; 2International Joint Commission; 3Ontario
Ministry of Environment

The Interaction between Ozonation and Wastewater Particles
Ines Zucker, Dror Avisar, Yigal Weinberger, Hadas Mamane Tel Aviv University

O3 and O3/H2O2 Oxidation of Piroxicam, Ketoprofen, and Naproxen in Surface Waters

Ling Feng1, Michael J. Watts2, Daniel Yeh3, Eric Van Hullebusch1
1Laboratoir Géomatériaux et Environnement, Université Paris-Est;
2Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Florida State
University; 3Department of Civil &Environmental Engineering,
University of South Florida

Session 14 – Ozone Operations

Forty Years of Ozone Experience Treating Water Supplies in the United States

Craig Thompson
Kennedy Jenks

The IOA’s first 40 years as Presented in Ozone News

Barry Loeb
International Ozone Association

Disinfection By-Product Formation Potential Reduction and Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment Using Ozone in Central Florida

Greg Taylor1, Charles DiGerlando2, Kipton Lockcuff3, Christopher
R. Schulz4
1CDM, Orlando, FL; 2Orlando Utilities Comission, Orlando, FL; 3City
of Winter Springs, FL; 4CDM Denver, CO

Verification of a Sidestream Ozone Residual Monitoring System to Calculate Ozone Process CT and Associated Disinfection Credits for a Full-Scale Ozone Contactor

John Mieog1, Danny Murphy1, Nick Burns2, Kerwin Rakness3
1Melbourne Water; 2Black & Veatch; 3Process Applications Inc.

Ozone Residual Sampling System Modification Results for the Skinner Treatment Plant

Sajal Mitra1, David Foust1, Milton Cox1, Carlene Wong1, Susan
Yuskiewicz1 and Kerwin Rakness2
1Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; 2Process
Applications Inc.

Full Scale Ozone Performance for Direct Filtration-How to Manage Lake Turn-Over Events and Widely Varying Flows and Demands

Denise Funk1, Al Sosebee2, Hussein Khorramzadeh2, Chriz Schulz3
1CDM Smith, ATL; 2Gwunnett County Department of Water
Resources; 3CDM Smith, DEN

Session 15 – Wastewater/Industrial

Ozonation coupled with reverse osmosis for the treatment of urban wastewater: organic matter removal and kinetic study

Bruno Domenjoud(1), Santiago Esplugas(1), Sylvie Baig(2)
(1) Universitat de Barcelona, Deparment d’ Engiyeria Química,
Facultat de Quimica. C/Martí i Franqués 1, 08028, Barcelona,
(2) Degrémont S.A., 183, avenue du 18 juin 1940, 92508, Rueil-
Malmaison Cedex France

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Removal from Industrial Wastewater using a MBR/Ozone Advanced Treatment Solution

Achim Ried1, Greg Claffey2, Christoph Kullmann, Ed Helmig
1Xylem Water Solutions, Germany; 2Xylem Water Solutions,
Charlotte, NC

Anoxic Effluent Disinfected with Ozone/Chlorine

G.H. Ribeiro da Silva1, L.A. Danien2, R.C. Contrera2 and H.Bruning3
1Univ. Estadual Paulista; 2Universidade de Sao Paulo;
3Wageningen University Research Centre

Influences of Ozonation on Soil Aquifer Treatment for Reuse of Secondary Sewage Effluent

Fumitake Nishimura, Yugo Takabe, Ryosuke Suzuki, Ippei
Kameda, Norihisa Kurita, Tadao Mizuno, Sadahiko Itoh
Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of
Engineering, Kyoto University

Study of Constructed Wetlands Effluent Disinfected with Ozone

N.D. Miranda, G.H. R. Silva, E.L. Oliveira
Univ. Estadual Paulista

The effectiveness of higher concentration ozone gas for water treatment on decomposition of organic substances and control of bromate formation

N. Yasunaga, T. Yamauchi, and S. Furukawa
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Session 16 – Symposium in Honor of Dr. Jim Bolton

Terms of endearment: The Bolton Impact Factor

Karl Linden
University of Colorado at Boulder

Investigating Polychromatic UV Complexity Part 1: Microbial Action Spectra Sensitivity Analyses

Brian Petri 1, Steve McDermid 1, Wenjun Sun 1
1 Trojan Technologies

Effect of UV Exposure on Vancomycin-resistant and Cephalexin-resistant Heterotrophic Bacteria in Municipal Wastewater

Mei-Ting Guo, Qing-Bin Yuan
State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse,
College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji
University, China

Performance Validation of UV Disinfection Systems: Recirculation Mode Causes Unreliable Results in Biodosimetry

Regina Sommer1, Alexander Cabaj2, Georg Hirschmann3, Alois
Schmalwieser2 and Thomas Haider4
1Medical University Vienna, Institute of Hygiene and Applied
Immunology, Water Hygiene; 2University of Veterinary Medicine,
Austria; 3Austrian Institute of Technology; 4Environmental Expertise

Investigating Polychromatic UV Complexity Part 2: Models and Experiments to Determine Polychromatic Correction Factors

Brian Petri 1, Steve McDermid 1, Wenjun Sun 1, Chengyue Shen 2,
Karl Scheible 2
1 Trojan Technologies, 2 HDR Hydroqual Inc.

Evaluation of water disinfection systems using UV-light emiting diodes

Kumiko Oguma
University of Tokyo

Session 17 – AOP Methods in Drinking Water

A CFD-based Study of the degradation of micropollutants induced by Vacuum-UV radiation

Mehdi Bagheri, Gustavo Imoberdorf, and Madjid Mohseni
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of
British Columbia

The Tail that Can Wag the Dog: How Peroxide Quenching Can Drive AOP Selection and Determine Success

James Collins, Stéphane Jousset

Effects of UV/H2O2 process conditions on Ames fluctuation assay response

C.H.M. Hofman-Caris1, D.J.H. Harmsen1, B.A. Wols1, E.F.
Beerendonk1, L.M. Puijker1, L.L.M. Keltjens2
1KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands; 2Aqualab
Zuid, The Netherlands

Formation of Mutagenicity During Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Treated Drinking Water

Ai Jia1, Bram Martijn2, Minkyu Park1, Sylvain Merel1, Shane Snyder1
1Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Bio5
Institute, University of Arizona; 2PWN Technologies

Evaluating the Toxicity of 1,2,3- Trichloropropane Post UV and Ozone Based AOP Treatment

Austa M. Parker1, Urs von Gunten2, and Karl G. Linden1
1 University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO; 2 Eawag,
Dübendorf, Switzerland

Session 18 – UV Reactor Testing and Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling of UV Reactors What Makes It or Breaks It

Fariborz Taghipour
Chemical & Biological Engineering Department, University of British

Validation Testing for High UV Dose Surrogates: Comparing Medium-Pressure and Low-Pressure, High-Output UV Systems

Traci Brooks1, Jeff Bandy, Ph.D.1, Harold Wright, P.E.1, Tom
Hargy2, Ronnie Bemus3
1Carollo Engineers, 2Clancy Environmental Consultants, Inc.,

Visualizing and Quantifying Dose Distribution in a UV Reactor Using Three-Dimensional Laser-Induced Flourescence

Varun Gandhi1, Philip Roberts2, Jae-Hong Kim2
1Carollo Engineers, 2School of Civil and Environmental
Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Theory of UV Reactor Performance and Bank Additivity

Yuri Lawryshyn, Patrick Young, Ron Hofmann
University of Toronto

Investigation on Disinfection Additivity in Multiple UV Reactors

Domenico Santoro, Brian Petri, Po-Shun Chan, Stewart Hayes,
Ferdinando Crapulli
Trojan Technologies

Generic Dose-Calculation Models Developed Based on Accumulated Bioassay Data Base

O. Karl Scheible and Chengyue Shen

Tuesday PM, September 24, 2013

Session 19 – Ozone in Wastewater Treatment

 Comparison of Ozone and HO• Induced Conversion of Effluent Organic Matter (EfOM) Using Ozonation and UV/H2O2 Treatment

Wim T.M. Audenaert1,2, Dieter Vandierendonck1, Stihjn W.H. Van
Hulle1,2, Ingmar Nopens2
1Department of Industrial Biological Sciences, Ghent University;
2Department of Mathematical Modeling, Ghent University

Alternative Frameworks for the Inactivation of Escherichia coli MS2 Bacteriophage, and Bacillus subtilis Spores during Ozonation in Wastewater

Sujanie Gamage1, Daniel Gerrity1,2, Aleksey Pisarenko1,3, Eric
Wert1, Eric Dickenson1, Shane A. Snyder 1,4
1Applied Research and Develpopment Center, Southern Nevada
Water Authority; 2University of Nevada, Las Vegas; 3Trussell
Technologies, Inc.; 4University of Arizona

Statistical Approach to Optimization of Advanced Oxidation Process’ for the Attenuation of TOrCs at a Pilot Plant in Arizona

Tarun Anumol, Minkyu Park, Massimiliano Sgroi, Paolo Roccaro,
Shane Snyder
University of Arizona

Application of Ozonation for Water Reuse of Sewage in Japan

Hirofumi Takahara1, Tado Mizuno2, and Hiroshi Tsuno3
1Japan Ozone Association; 2Department of Urban and
Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University; 3Department of Human Life and Environment, Osaka Sangyo University

Potable Reuse Equivalency Criteria and Treatment Train Evaluation

Fredrick W. Gerringer, Brian Pecson, R. Shane Trussell, R. Rhodes
IUVA/IOA World Congress 2013

Applicability of TOrC Removal with Pre-Oxonation of Ceramic Membranes

Minkyu Park, Tarun Anumol, Xuhao Nie, and Shane Snyder

Session 20 – Biological Treatment Processes

Design Condiserations for Integrated Ozone-Biofiltration Treatment Process

Christopher R. Schulz
Denver, CO

North American Biofiltration Application and Practices

J. Carter, J. Brown, and C. Lauderdale
Arcadis, Carollo

Converting a Large Water Treatment Plant to Biological Filtration

Mark Simon1, Michael Mikeska1, Peter Stencel1, Jennifer
Cottingham1, Nick Burns2, Jeff Neemann2, Randy Romack2
1Dallas Water Unitities; 2Black & Veatch

Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor for the Removal of Ozonation Byproducts

Holly McNaught and Eric Wert
Southern Nevada Water Authority

Combination of Ozone and Bio Filter for the Removal of Hard COD in Industrial Wastewater

Achim Ried1, Ivan Zhu2, Tom Getting2
1Xylem Water Solutions, Germany; 2Xylem Water Solutions,
Zelienople, PA

Combined H2O2/UV Process as an Alternative for Removing Residual TOC from a Biologically Treated Petroleum Refinery Wastewater

A.A. Nogueira, J.P. Bassin, A.C. Cerqueira, M. Dezotti
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, CENPES

Session 21 – Ozone for Food and Ultrapure Water Applications

Antibacterial Activity of Ozonated Sunflower Oil on Streptococcus uveris: Effect of Oil Fatty Acids Composition

Moureu S.1, Violleau F.1, Ali Haimoud-Lekhal D.2, Calmon A.1
Université de Toulouse; 1UPSP/DGER 115; 2Equipe Terroir
Elevage et et Qualite des Produits

Ozone Effects on Botrytis cinerea Conidia

Pagès M.1, Kleiber D.2, Violleau F.1
1Université de Toulouse; 2Equipe Vins Viticulture et OEnologie

Ultrapure Water-Treatment – an Overview and Case Study of Ozone and Biofilm

Erika Hanley-Onken
MKS Instruments

Ozonated Water as a Potential Biological Control Agent: Pruning Wound Protection of Vitis vinifera Against the Esca Associated Fungi Phaeoacremonium aleophilum

R.J.G. Pierron1, Y.Song1, A.Jacques1, and Frédéric Violleau2
Université de Toulouse; 1Equipe Vins Viticulture et OEnologie;

Ozone Sanitization of Ultrapure Water Systems Innovations in Dissolved Ozone Measurement by UV Photometry

Vince Ciufia
OSTI, Inc.

Design and Operation of a Water Treatment Plant Capacity of 4000 m3/d for Cleaning by Ozonization of Underground Waters of Iron Compounds in the Moscow’s of Moscow Food

Processing Enterprise on the Principles of Green Chemistry
Tkachenko, I.C., Tkachenko, C.H., Lunin, V. V.
Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov

Session 22 – Symposium in Honor of Dr. Jim Bolton

Photochemical processes in water treatment

Mihaela Stefan, Trojan Technologies

Homogeneous UV Photocatalysis – A Review of Work Done in the 1990’s

Keith Bircher1 and James Bolton2
1Calgon Carbon Corporation; 2Bolton Photosciences Inc.

Production of Photooxidants by Dissolved Organic Matter During UV Water Treatment

Yaal Lester 1, Charles M. Sharpless 2, Hadas Mamane 3, Karl G. Linden 1
1Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering,
University of Colorado; 2Department of Chemistry, University of Mary Washington; 3School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Biofilm Control in Water by Ultraviolet (UV) Irradiation and UV based Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)

Anat Lakretz1,2, Eliora Z. Ron2, Hadas Mamane1
1School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and
2Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, Faculty
of Life Science, Tel Aviv University

Destruction of Cyanobacterial Toxins by UV 254 nm-based Advanced Oxidation Processes

Xuexiang He1, Armah A. de la Cruz2 and Dionysios D. Dionysiou1, 3
1Environmental Engineering and Science Program, University of
Cincinnati; 2National Exposure Research Laboratory, U.S.

Re-engineering an Artificial Sweetener: Sucralose Transformation by Hydroxyl Radicals and its Suitability as a Full-scale Probe

Olya S. Keen and Karl G. Linden
University of Colorado at Boulder

UV light-based applications: Quo Vadis?

James R. Bolton1,
Bolton Photosciences, Inc.

Session 23 – UV and Ozone System Design and Operations

Lowering the Dose leads to more “Dough” – A Case Study of UV Operations at the Las Vegas Street Wastewater Treatment and J.D. Phillips Water Reclamation

Cody L. Charnas1 P.E., Katherine Y. Bell2, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Lisa
Barbato3, Dean Cohrs3, Linda Leyba3, Shaun Thompson3
1CDM Smith, Denver, CO; 2CDM Smith, Nashville, TN; 3Colorado Springs Utilities

Lessons Learned During Installation and Start-up of Municipal Drinking Water UV Disinfection Facilities

Todd Elliott and Paul Swaim

Multiple-Surrogate Validations for Different System Configurations and Applications

O. Karl Scheible1, Chengyue Shen1, Henk Provoost2, Andrey Tkachev2
1HDR|HydroQual; 2LIT UV Europe

UV or Ozone: A Case Study of Replacing the Disinfection System for North Fresno Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Rick Staggs1, Kevin Norgaard1 , Nitin Goel2, Andrew Salveson2,
Steve Swanback2
1City of Fresno, Department of Public Utilities; 2Carollo Engineers

Is Scale-up Applicable for Modular UV Chambers in Drinking Water Applications?

O. Karl Scheible1, Chengyue Shen1, Phyllis Posy2
1HDR|HydroQual, 2Atlantium Technologies

UV System Design for Drinking Water in Southern California – A Decade and Counting

Bryan Townsend1, Robert Hulsey2, Andrew Lazenby3
Black & Veatch Corporation: 1Charlotte, NC; 2Kansas City, MO; 3Irvine, CA

Session 24 – Emerging Contaminants Treatment

Evaluation of Glucocorticoid Compounds in Treated Wastewater using Bioassay combined with Instrument Analysis

Ai Jia, Sylvain Merel, Shane Snyder
Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Bio5

Degradation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) by KrCl and Xenon-fluorescent Excimer UV Lamp

Hiroshi Sakai1, Koji Kosaka2, Satoshi Takizawa1
1Dept. of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo; 2Dept. of Water Supply Engineering, National Institute of Public Health

Degradation of Acetaminophen by UV254

ShihChi Weng1 and Ernest R. Blatchley III1,2
1School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University; 2Division of
Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University

This evening there is also a golf tournament at a 9 hole golf course here on the strip.  Proving, that ozone nerds, can have fun.

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