Study Finds Consuming Ozonated Beer Reverses Aging Process

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Please note: This post was made on April Fools day.  Therefore it is possible that at least some of the claims here are exaggerated or even completely untrue.

Researchers nearing the conclusion of a five-year study on human aging announced Friday that they may have found a cure. In fact, a scientist involved with the study, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claims that early results seem to show that consuming certain brands of beer treated with ozone may actually reverse the aging process altogether.

Official results will not be released for at least six months.  However, extensive research statistics and materials were mysteriously leaked and have since been obtained by the Ozone Journal.

Methods and Results

Polypeptide Macromolecule

A single macromolecule. Many of the symptoms of aging in humans are related to accumulated damage to macromolecules.

The study, which began in 2006, focused on how life-long human consumption habits relate to macromolecular damage in living cells, a leading cause of human aging. Researchers hoped to discover a link between certain foods and the rate at which macromolecules are damaged.

As the study progressed, researchers focused on a small group of substances that showed statistical promise.  Eventually they were able to confirm the shocking discovery that mice who consumed specific drafts of beer containing dissolved ozone were not only aging more slowly, but in some cases macromolecular damage was being entirely reversed.  After further refining the mixture, rejuvenation was occurring in mouse cells, tissues, and even whole organ systems.

Aging in Reverse

Preliminary research indicates that an elderly organism will age in reverse back to its prime when put on a regimen of ozonated beer.

Beer Choice

While researchers expected that different brews would not necessarily produce the same results, the beers exhibiting high anti-aging potential (AAP) were a surprising and unlikely assortment.

Comparison of the anti-aging potential of various ozonated beers. Higher levels of AAP indicate faster rates of bimolecular rejuvenation. Click to enlarge.


As a mixture of facts and rumor spread about the study, scientists across the world are raising their eyebrows and expressing caution about the findings.  Brow Furughd, a professor at the French Academy of Sciences expressed skepticism about the chemistry behind such a simple reverse aging formula and how the discovery could have been made outside of Western Europe.

However, Burt McBlitzed, of Alcohaulics Onymous, said his organization fully embraced the preliminary findings.  “Frankly, I’m not surprised at all by this.  I mean, I think we’ve suspected all along that beer represents the fountain of youth in some way.”


The anti-aging study was entirely under supervision and funding of the Great Plains Anti-Aging Institute.

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    Thank you for your interest into our exciting research. We are continuing our work to validate this research by the Great Plains Anti Aging Institute. We are hoping they will appreciate our efforts and release the rest of this study soon. When they do, we will release it here for you to review and possibly use this information in your process.

    Please note, in our testing we did not use Miller beer, so, we are unsure of the Anti-Aging Potential at this time. If we broaden our scope of research to include Miller beer I will keep you in the loop.


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