Ozone from Corona Discharge

Posted by Joel Leusink on April 22, 2010 under Ozone for Beginners | 5 Comments to Read

Fun Ozone Video of the Day!

Ozone generated from corona discharge – educational video.

  • James Montgomery said,

    Nice little ozone generator shown. Why was an air drier placed before the generator? Does dry air keep the generator from forming ammonia which would have a bad odor? Also did you check for NOX compounds in the water after using ozone?

    Ozone should do a good job or disinfecting.


  • Joel Leusink said,

    This is just a corona cell in the ambient air. There is no air dryer or other components in this video. The black box you see is the transformer supplying the high voltage to the electrode. The glass tube is the dielectric, the cage you see the cathode (ground).

  • HAMMADI Nacéra said,

    I am a teacher-researcher, working on water treatment by ozone using corona discharge. I would like more information on your “ozone corona cell design.

    Until you read, I wish you a very good year.


  • HAMMADI Nacéra said,

    I am unable to see the video “Ozone generated from corona discharge – Educational Video.
    What should I do to see it?

    Thank you in advance.

    Mme HAMMADI.

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