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Hess Machine Ozone Generators were designed for use in the bottled water industry. These ozone generators produce ozone from dry air with an integrated air dryer, meaning only compressed air and electricity are required for operation. These are the most reliable and robust ozone generators in production today.

The Hess Machine Ozone Generators can be used for any application where ozone from dry air is required. These generators are well built and reliable, allowing them to provide you with many years of operation.

  • 4.5-152 g/hr
  • Produces ozone from Dry Air or integrated Oxygen Concentrator
  • Water or Air cooled
  • Line frequency ozone generator provides extremely reliable operation
  • Adjustable output
  • Competitive price
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • User friendly

Standard HESS MACHINE Ozone Injection System Sizes

ModelDry Air Flow or Oxygen FlowOzone Production via Dry AirOzone Production via OxygenCoolingPower Consumption
H-2515 SCFH4.5 g/hr9.5 g/hrAir2 Amps
H-5030 SCFH9.5 g/hr19 g/hr5 GPH4 Amps
L-10060 SCFH19 g/hr36 g/hr10 GPH7 Amps
L-200120 SCFH38 g/hr76 g/hr20 GPH8 Amps
L-300180 SCFH57 g/hr114 g/hr30 GPH12 Amps
L-400240 SCFH76 g/hr152 g/hr40 GPH14 Amps
Optional AccessoriesDescription
Flowmeter0-25 SCFH, 0-60 SCFH, 0-100 SCFH, 0-200 SCFH and 0-300SCFH
Pressure Gauge0-100PSI Air Pressure Gauge or 0-30PSI Ozone Pressure Gauge
T-150150 gallon tank (typically for: H-25, H-50, L-100, or L-200)
T-300300 gallon tank (typically for: L-200, L-300, or L-400)

* Other options and larger systems available.
** The above specifications are contingent upon near perfect conditions (transfer efficiency above 85%, water pH neutral, clean & chlorine free water, etc.)

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Hess Machine Manual

How it Works

Dome Diagram

Dome Diagram

Air-Cooled Dielectric (H-25, H-50)

Air-Cooled Dielectric Assembly

Water-Cooled Dielectric (L-100, L-200, L-300, L-400)

Water-Cooled Dielectric
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