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Let ozone technology take you and your business to the next level of innovation and integrate today! Ozone is a form of oxygen that consists of 3 oxygen atoms (O3). As ozone oxidizes and/or disinfects, it destroys harmful bacteria and contaminants, then reverts to normal oxygen. Ozone Solutions is a superior provider of commercial ozone generators, ozone detection devices, turnkey ozone systems, ozone destruct units, feed gas preparation, and ozone compatible equipment/replacements.

Ozone technology is proven to be a process improvement, while still being an extreme cost savings solution for soil and groundwater treatment/remediation, food processing/rinsing, odor removal, cooling towers, aquaculture, water treatment, micro-array testing, and laundry. In addition to our sales of ozone machines, Ozone Solutions offers professional services, such as ozone generator/system repair and service, ozone equipment rental, residential ozone machine rental, consulting/ozone lab testing, ozone monitor calibration, training and education, and the selling of used ozone equipment.


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