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What is an Ozone Machine?

An Ozone Machine is a device that generates ozone. Often this type of device is called an ozonator or an ozone generator. These machines are very effective at completely destroying odors.

Rent an Ozone Machine

If you're looking at this page, chances are, you are interested in renting an ozone machine (ozone generator). Often people who are not sold on the idea but are considering renting have one of the following questions: (Click each one for our answer.)

Model Image Features Price
OMZ-3400-Rental OMZ-3400-Rental - $59.00 OMZ-3400 Main Image
  • 3,400 mg/h (3.4 g/h)
    = 0.000001 kg/s
    = 0.179897 lb/d
    = 3.4 g/h
    = 3,400 mg/h
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Great for vehicles and apartments
  • ready to use upon arrival
  • adjustable output
OMZ-3600-HFT-Rental OMZ-3600-HFT-Rental - $79.00 OMZ-3600-HFT Main Image
  • 3,600 mg/h (3.6 g/h)
    = 0.000001 kg/s
    = 0.190479 lb/d
    = 3.6 g/h
    = 3,600 mg/h
  • our most popular unit
  • adjustable output
  • high flow fan
  • plug & play
OMZ-5000-HFT-Rental OMZ-5000-HFT-Rental - $99.00 OMZ-5000-HFT Main Image
  • 5,000 mg/h (5 g/h)
    = 0.000001 kg/s
    = 0.264555 lb/d
    = 5 g/h
    = 5,000 mg/h
  • integrated timer
  • adjustable output
  • high flow fan!
  • low maintenance
DR-10-Rental DR-10-Rental - $119.00 DR-10 Ozone Generator
  • 10,000 mg/h (10 g/h)
    = 0.000003 kg/s
    = 0.529109 lb/d
    = 10 g/h
    = 10,000 mg/h
  • designed for high humidity environments
  • dual fans for impressive air movement
  • set-it and forget-it controls
  • push-button timer
OMZ-20000-Rental OMZ-20000-Rental - $139.00 OMZ-20,000 High Output Ozone Generator
  • 20,000 mg/h (20 g/h)
    = 0.000006 kg/s
    = 1.058219 lb/d
    = 20 g/h
    = 20,000 mg/h
  • very powerful unit
  • adjustable output
  • high air blending flowrate
  • low maintenance
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Where Do I Pick Up the Machine?

There's no need to worry about getting the machine. We have it delivered to your door.

Will the Generator You Rent Be Powerful Enough?

Even if you know you want to try using ozone on your odor, you might be wondering what generator to go with. For residential and commercial projects, we have five different options.

To help you decide which machine will be best for you, view our page on Choosing the right Ozone Generator

What is Covered by Our Guarantee?

Our guarantee covers your satisfaction. If you rent an ozone machine for 7-days or more and you are not satisfied, we'll give you two options:

See additional terms.

How Long Does Our Guarantee Last? - What if the Odor Comes Back?

Our ozone machines are proven to destroy odors permanently. However, it is possible, on very rare occasions, for an odor to return within a week after you returned the ozone machine. But don't worry, our guarantee even covers return odors.

If your odor returns within 60 days of renting the ozone machine, just call us and we will let you choose whether to try ozone again free-of-charge or we will refund your money.

How Does the Rental Process Work?

We've worked hard to make our rental process as simple and easy as possible. The chart below explains it well:

Renting an Ozone Machine is Fast and Easy

Does Ozone Solutions Rent to Your Location?

If you are located in the United States, the answer is definitely. In fact, if you order before 3 PM CST, we will ship out the ozone machine that same day.

For UPS Ground, shipping times vary depending on your location; See the chart below. Remember, rental terms do not include shipping times, meaning if you order a 7-day rental, you get the generator for the full seven days!

We Rent Ozone Machines to Anywhere in the USA

If you need an ozone machine sooner than later, we offer expedited shipping with UPS, FedEx, and USPS including Three-Day Select®, Second Day Air®, and Next Day Air®.

What About Maintenance?

No maintenance ozone machines

One of the best reasons to rent an ozone machine is that you will not be required to perform maintenance! We perform any required maintenance before sending the ozone machine out so you don't have to.

In extreme cases where an ozone machine is being used in an environment with very dusty or dirty air, the ozone output may decrease. For these types of situations, we provide simple maintenance instructions for customers who wish to try and improve the output of the ozone machine by removing dust and dirt from inside.

Why Should You Rent From Ozone Solutions?

Ozone Solutions is both a manufacturer and reseller of all kinds of ozone equipment. We've been serving our customers in the ozone business for over ten years.

You won't find another ozone company that stands behind its products and services like we do. Nobody has a website like ours either. We do our best to inform everyone interested about ozone.

See What our Customers Are Saying About Us:

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